Flat.to – Helps students to find accommodation nearby their colleges

Flat.to - Helps students to find accomodation nearby their colleges

Searching for the right place, a home away from home, for a student in a new city is the most daunting and haunting task. With the disorganized and unstructured market of agents and brokers of the real estate sector in Mumbai, it becomes very difficult and expensive for the students to find the right broker and safe place to live. This task has also been simplified with the advent of technology. Now, you can find an apartment near your vicinity of college via Flat.to

Flat.to will search the flats best suited to you and find you a home. It makes the rental process easier for the students who are looking for flats for rent for the first time with no references in the city. The online platform provides you with its trusted brokers who help you find the right place nearby your university or college.

Flat.to - Helps students to find accommodation nearby their colleges

With the rising prices in Mumbai, one is juiced out in searching the perfect flat for oneself. Finding a place to live in Mumbai can be a displeasing experience. One might have to face many painful experiences and then end up in disappointment. Flat.to makes the search simple and gives you fruitful results. It not only finds you affordable flats in the area nearby your college, but ensures the quality of the flats. This online web app deals exclusively with the students but they entertain families too.

The house-hunting process begins with a broker showing you some flats, and then you can select the flat you like. With the finalization of the flat, the terms and conditions are discussed and agreed upon. The students would have to pay a deposit which maybe upto 1-2 lakh and a one month rent-equivalent as brokerage charge for a year’s stay besides the rent.

Flat.to - Helps students to find accommodation nearby their colleges

So, what are you waiting for? This online app not only gives you your perfect home but also eliminates the infamous painful house-hunting. Give an end to the stressful house-hunting process and try this smart solution!