Reload_Code Hackathon – Rebuilding Uttarakhand

Reload_Code Hackathon – Rebuilding Uttarakhand

Are you a coder, a developer or simply an enthusiast with a mind-blowing idea? Do you want to contribute in some way or the other to the victims of national disasters? Are you willing to attend a 12-hour workshop that will help you combine your technical knowledge with your humane desires? Google developers and a few enthusiastic startups have brought an amazing opportunity to you in the form of Hackathon- Reload.

Reload_Code Hackathon – Rebuilding UttarakhandReload_<code for Uttarakhand> is 12-hour workshop to be organized in three metropolitan cities Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore on the 11th of August 2013, Sunday. Its main purpose of inception is to encourage the methods of uniting web and mobile applications along with the relief and rehabilitation camps in Uttarakhand. This is a wonderful way of learning how to use one’s skills and contribute in some form or the other during national catastrophes.

The hackathon has free entry and everyone is welcome to attend it, although one needs to register first. It will be held from 9am in the morning to 10pm at night. Reload is being arranged by not only the Google developers group but also Weekend Ventures in partnership with Jaaga from Bangalore, 91Springboard in Delhi and The Playce, a co-working space in Mumbai. Now it is time to use your developing and coding expertise to proper use.

The things that one can bring are laptops or iPhones although these are not compulsory. You definitely need to carry a photo identity proof that can be anything from a driver’s license to passport. Don’t forget to bring your friends with you. The more the merrier! Ideators or people with crazy yet substantial ideas can submit their ideas for mobile and web applications at the Idea Box. The developers can work on these ideas or on their own ideas. They can also form teams and work jointly.

[alert style=”green”]The non-technical people need not be discouraged at all. They can participate too and contribute to Uttarakhand’s tragedy. You can assist in forming and executing relief and rehabilitation camps in Uttarakhand. So one can help in any manner they wish to.[/alert]

Team Reload is extending itself to help and encourage hackers by providing them prizes and incentives  at the end of the day to the top 3 teams. The prizes are endorsed by the respective sponsors. This is a good chance to put your skills into non-commercial and supportive use when there is a drastic demand from the victims of the national calamity.