Snoox – Helps you see recommendations by your friends

Snoox - Helps you see recommendations by your friends

Tired of surfing the web for reviews every time you plan to buy a new book or try out a brand new restaurant? Exhausted of going through the papers every morning to decide whether you should go for the recent batman movie or the fun-filled romantic comedy? Confused by the vast range of fashionable attires and accessories available in the stores? Fear not, you can always ask your friends. After all a friend in need is a friend indeed. And this is where Snoox comes in. Imagine a place where all your friends post their recent and favorite books, movies, restaurants or products recommendations and all you have to do are just go through them and directly buy them or book seats. A wonderful idea indeed!

Snoox is an interactive platform where you recommend and your friends refer to that. A very simple yet engaging and helpful thought. Snoox lets you connect with your friends on social networking sites or simply via email and as soon as you join it you can post your own reviews. Remember that refreshing book you read in the summer, may be you could put that up in your “Collection”. Just write the reason why you find it awesome, upload a picture that would be suitable for its cover and entitle the category it falls under. Voila! You have a new addition to your collection. Now your friends can see it and benefit from the information.

Snoox - Helps you see recommendations by your friends

In this way you can add the last restaurant you visited with its necessary details, the new scarf you bought from an online shopping portal, a new baby lotion that is used by your niece, latest technological gadgets, games or amazing places to visit. You can beautify your collection by personalizing the background. Your friends are all experts in their own respective fields so why not add them as the specialists for future reference. Doing this you can check their recommendations directly and more swiftly.

The home feed lists the recommendations made by your friends, your friends’ friends, your friends’ friends’ friends’ et cetera. If you like a particular book or movie why not buy them at that very instant. Snoox collaborates with shopping portals such as Amazon, iTunes, Asos and more. It gives you the opportunity to buy, reserve seats, book tickets at one go. Isn’t this an enticing way to experience new things? So sign up with Snoox using your email id or simply via logging in Facebook and start recommending. Oh and don’t forget to recommend Snoox to your friends.