Lectrio – A classroom community for students and teachers to stay connected


Are you one of those students or teachers who struggle with assignments, submissions, up to date time table, lectures and increasing courses? Most probably yes, because these days it is becoming difficult to cope up with the pressure of achieving target, completion of work tasks, keeping records, attending lectures on time and many more. So here comes Lectrio an innovative E-learning environment to our rescue.

Lectrio, the web-application helps to conduct any course online and connect with each student worldwide. Every course is distinguished by its unique set of features making the learning interactive as the students – teachers can get together simply by setting up a discussion. Thus, the Q&A, queries can be easily solved. What makes the Lectrio more convenient to use is that all the lecture materials, presentations can be shared just by linking the content to the web like any other social networking site.

The teachers will find it friendly and easy too as they can keep track of the grades, attendance on each lecture, workshops together with writing special remarks and notes for every student. In each course the past grades are displayed together with the present to stimulate the results making student evaluation easier. With the latest LMS edition it’s handy to create different student groups, manage enrolments, broadcast assignment dates and other laborious tasks.

To add to our relief, this web-academy is maintained by the technical team which liberalizes us from downloading or paying licenses or upgrading software’s as Lectrio is cloud-based and provides back-up for our data every day. It’s easy accessibility through an any device; be it laptop, tablet, iPad and Smartphone makes it further more demanding by schools and colleges.


Managed by Nikita Karotaev, Alex Lavasov and Hercules Fisherman, this next-generation learning platform brings us an efficient and friendly way to learn faster and better.