Projecteo – Film it large with this tiny Instagram projector


Every picture has a story to convey by bringing you right back to that time of occurrence and leaves you with memories created long time back. You sit in wonderment just to smile at the small video that plays in your mind. And you realize how time flies but you’re lucky of all for having these pictures taking you back to those faded memories.

Don’t you think this little treasure of yours needs to be show casted at a bigger scale than normal whenever you wish to see it? How about having a small projector to display your pictures in a slide film to transport you where you were in the photographs? That’s what Projecteo is all about.

Benjamin Redford came up with this idea to get your instagrams onto a 35mm single frame Kodak film stock that is set closely inside a wheel. This device is as small as a matchbox which shows the pictures up to two and half feet wide in a dark room. You have to decide on the pictures you wish to be filmed on the projecteo web page where your selections will be ‘melted’ on single frame consisting of nine snaps. That’s put onto small wheels which you can put in the little projector of yours. The quality of the picture is highly digitized. It’s been designed in a way to be recycled and also you can open it to see what’s going on inside if there’s a problem. All the parts are placed in a way which can be handled quite easily by users making it user-friendly.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″][/youtube]

The miniature form of a projector as it doesn’t have pixels which makes it look tiny; brings a big package for all the users with the help of the agency Mint Digital and the Meso Design.

Projecteo - The tiny Instagram projector

So collect as many picture wheels you desire and give it a role it to infuse life in all your collections.