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PlagSpotter - Online Duplicate Content Checker Tool

Internet provides a wide range of smooth options for upcoming writers to steal content from the existing websites, and use them as their own content. Plagiarism is exercised rampantly. Often, writers put in loads of hours and efforts to research and write an article or important papers. The entire process is time consuming, and it requires a high dedication for someone to make the content more in-depth and reader friendly. On the other hand, noobs find it easy to copy-paste the good content from the numerous blogs, editorials and various online sources. At present, all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc deal with this issue very seriously. They don’t even hesitate to ban your website or charge you a lump sum amount as fine.

While creating a website, always ensure that you’re not using a duplicate content for it. The most common tendency pertaining to duplicate content usually occurs during writing the urls, product descriptions, meta descriptions, title etc. Using the same title tags throughout the entire website is also considered to be duplicate content. There are several free tools available online to check plagiarism, but it is needless to say that none of them are efficient. Being a SEO content developer, I myself have suffered immensely by trial and error methods trying to figure out which one is better. If you are also suffering from the same problem, here is an efficient tool you can completely rely upon: PlagSpotter

PlagSpotter is an easy-to-use online tool to detect plagiarism. It enables bloggers, journalists and writers to scan their posts and web pages, thereby preventing internet copyright infringement and enhancing SEO. At present, the service offers free unlimited individual URL checks, along with three exclusive subscription plans.

After getting in touch with Laura May, Project Coordinator at PlagSpotter, the startup plans to include an improvement in the duplicate content checking algorithm to make sure that it is quick and accurate. In addition, the company is also seeking to implement a set of new features to further precipitate meeting its customer’s needs in their search for duplicate content across the Internet.

Are you serious about the content on your website or blog? If yes, know more about your website’s content at PlagSpotter.