Social media and its importance in the entrepreneurial world

Social media and its importance in the entrepreneurial world

If you ask whether social media is an important part of marketing and advertising strategy of your startup then the answer is a definite yes. Every company needs to know that exploiting social media in a positive way is extremely important. Nowadays everyone’s social virtual life is more active than the real one. Given below are few activities, which if carried out will be nutritional for your company.

Google Plus HangoutsCompanies may host a Google+ hangout on air. When videos are telecasted online it helps gain followers. It is a new engaging way of communicating with the audience and even your clients get a chance to see and interact with you. Just log on to your Google+ account and click on Start Hangout. Now you can create a video chat that will be streamed entirely to the world.

How about utilizing your employees’ social media status into something fruitful and worthy. You can begin by making a social customer engagement policy and train accordingly. Your employees now can act as your company’s ambassadors and spread the popularity of your business. You could also gain fans outside your company and they can help making your startup gain traction.

Pinterest is popular for its engaging and interesting way of connecting with its users. Make it even more attractive by creating contests to catch the attention of your target audience. It will also help you to understand better the needs and demands of your clients. You could use certain online applications to view your popularity on Pinterest.

The best way to achieve promotion is via Twitter. Tweet captivating questions to generate buzz among the audience. They can answer your question. This will generate more traffic and commentary and you can also get genuine feedback from your customers. The hash # symbol is mostly used to tag similar topics and helps in easy simple searching. Honestly, this symbol makes a big contribution in activating your company’s promotional market.

It is ardent to listen to one’s fans and regular customers. The necessary part of every startup is to make their users happy and happiness will be reached when each of their small desires will be fulfilled. When any customer tweets about certain complaint about your company, try resolving that and grant them a free gift or coupon so that they have something positive and encouraging to tweet about.

[alert style=”grey”]Share posts and other contents that are interest and engaging, something that will make your readers want to repost and share. Make your tweets or posts beautiful, so that they answer queries, make everyone wonder and re-evaluate thoughts. You could also request your readers to guest blog for your company. This will increase the number of people who read your posts.[/alert]

A proper social media strategy is essential to keep track of all customer grievances both the normal and the seriously menacing ones. Keeping your long-term and short-term plans organized is good for the company.