Pickagenius – Helps you with expert advice on anything

Pickagenius – Helps you with expert advice on anything

You always wish to lead a problem-free life, don’t you? As soon as you face any problem relating to any matter, you wish you had an expert advice to guide you through the trouble? With some priceless suggestions, information, options provided you could choose your path and clear your dilemma. Sometimes you want to keep your difficulty as private but still need a solution to your grief. So, to reduce your problems, solve all your doubts Pickagenius brings an online advice platform where all yours disappointments will be met by experts who are qualified to answer them.

The app has nineteen different categories with sub-divisions to select the kind of advice you require from the adviser. What makes it easier for you to choose the right guru is the clients rating on the every expert’s profile. The higher it is, more simpler the choice becomes for you. You can even go through the previous sessions of the registered advisers so that you get the answers to your queries without even contacting them. This is cool! (I know)

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To discharge yourself completely of your worries, you can get yourself registered and contact the expert live. This opens up the ‘call/ chat’ button for you so that there doesn’t stay any hidden doubts in you and all the complications can easily be cleared. Pickagenius has an option to hire an expert which comes with paying for their services. The advantage is that you can contact them anytime you want even when they are offline.

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After registering as a user, you can follow ‘geniuses’ you like by clicking ‘follow genius’ button on their profile and get updated about their activities. The sessions you have with them either via messages or live chats can be kept as private if you desire to ensure your privacy or can be set as public content after your agreement for which you will be given a discount.

Additionally, this app also offers you to earn by recommending this site. The more users and experts are registered; better the services are as is promised by pickagenius. So, join in and content yourself of all the trouble as this app answers to anything you wish to ask.