Sharypic – A collaborative photo sharing platform

Sharypic – A collaborative photo sharing platform

Life is made of moments and these moments are remembered more than often with deep emotions while one flips through photos that seal the time to make it ever lasting. But seldom are the pictures appreciated and stored over a long time because of several pitiable reasons as software crash, technical difficulties or moulds and humidity taking a toll on paper.

Sharypic is an incredible tool that makes your reminiscences come alive in an instant at the same time makes your event high on popularity charts with buzz across social networks. Sharypic gives you the leverage to reach and engage a highly targeted audience by making it increasingly interactive via Sharypics’ real-time Photo wall.

It is always a desire to be remembered long after a particular gathering or event is over. The online tool provides a platform for your family, friends and acquaintances’ to like and share the memories that where created days back, increasing the longevity of your event and strengthening bonds irrespective of the distance.

Sharypic - A collaborative photo sharing platform

Trying to be connected also needs its share of efforts because you are constantly juggling with several apps. Real-time aggregation is a phenomenal solution provided   by Sharypic where you find a large collection of photos related to your event from Instagram, Twitter and other social media on one single platform, which are efficiently imported reaching a wider audience.

The best about Sharypic is yet to come. The basic hurdle while dealing with online tools is you can lose control of the stream you create. Sharypic enables you to be in control of your event broadcasting photos through default or customized filters. While the tool targets event organizers it remains universal with its awesomely nominal pricing plans.

Ready to create your own photo stream of memories? Try it with Sharypic and feel the difference.