Mailrox – Quickly build bulletproof HTML emails


If you have ever coded rich HTML emails by hand, you will know how painful it is and after putting in all your efforts, you still don’t know how it will end up on being displayed in different email clients. Sean Hinton, a London based web-developer, faced with this issue too and he ended up building a tool called Mailrox to make life easier for coding HTML email templates.

Mailrox is sort-of-WYSIWYG tool which lets you create an email template in three easy steps. Upload the image/design, define your layout and add the content. Adding the content requires knowledge and coding in HTML and CSS hence I used the term ‘sort-of-WYSIWYG’. The templates are compatible with ten different email clients including Lotus notes, Outlook, Gmail and others. The templates are reusable and a simple interface of Mailrox ensures huge time saving with no multiple rounds of testing. The finished templates can be also exported in a package for Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, or just a simple zip.


Some of the best features I found interesting compiles of a compatibility report which specifies whether your design can display well on all the clients, an ability to specify the prefix URL for downloading a zip file, an ability to add custom styles in text, prior testing by sending test mail and a snapshot preview in browser. Very well thought out features. The chopping tool in the layout definition step involves a learning curve but that is a onetime effort.

Mailrox is in free private beta mode right now, with an open invitation to access the platform first hand. Apart from other to-do things, templates with responsive designs feature is also on the list. One feature I’d like to see is an option to upload a PSD along with current JPG or GIF formats.

Mailrox Email Template

So, if you’re one of those who spend hours coding HTML email templates, now you can quickly build bulletproof HTML emails with MailRox.