Quabel – An online text editor helping you write distraction free


Perhaps the most difficult challenge in writing – and working from home for that matter – is avoiding all the distractions that can easily throw you off course and steal hours away from your craft. It can be quite frustrating spending an entire day devoted to writing yet accomplishing little. In fact, between writing those first two sentences, I got up, retrieved a bottle of Coke from the refrigerator, made a phone call, checked my emails (I had none), and finally turned back to my desk.

Lately, I was on my secret hunt to find a better tool to increase my writing productivity and after sweeping massively through hundreds of online and offline writing apps, I came across Quabel, a tool which for sure will bring an end to all the distractions faced by you during writing. Quabel is an online writing application for your browser; making it easier to publish and share your write-ups with a single click.

Apart from supporting most of the formats like PDF/ODT/Latex/open document/MS Office and Markdown for writing, it has dozens of smart and innovative benefits, helping you:

  • Access your data and write-ups from anywhere in the world, by synchronizing it in online and offline modes.
  • Setting up goals to measure your performance, which in turn helps you increase the rate of your performance by streamlining your efforts.
  • Format all your writing content with easy-to-use commands.

Not to forget, it also has some exclusive optional features like night mode for a better vision in the dark, typewriter sound for keystrokes and fireworks after you complete your goals.


Started by Aaron Heinz, along with a friend at Economics and Business Informatics, Germany; Quabel is one of the best distraction-free writing tools I’ve ever come across.