WikiPaintings – An easy way to know more of paintings and history


For the art frenzy out there who have an urge to share, see and appreciate paintings and artifacts but who have to pull the plug for the lack copyrights, you have now – WikiPaintings as a new cynosure.

It is tough to put your words across if you don’t know how to be particular and precise but paintings make the job incredibly easier. Painters, in the eras gone by, have brought to life master pieces with strokes of brushes on a canvas. But this has not been well-versed to the public eye. Since an image is worth much more than mere words Wikipaintings presents both public domain art works as well as those protected by copyrights.

The Visual Art Encyclopedia, is a well structured repository of fine art, that can be treasured, without crossing any rights or rules. The organized form of paintings and the idea of stowed information has been an elusive concept. The online startup attempts to acknowledge the purview and maintain the resource contents for critics, lovers and admirers altogether.

WikiPaintings, runs on a wiki-principle of free filling and content editing. The surprising asset of the developing project seems its ad-free space that has a very friendly interface which can quickly translate every letter to five different languages.

If you are an enthusiast and want to contribute, head right over to the contribute section which is efficient in its plaid form.  The platform has also made visual arts mobile with its iOS app. The collection is wide with a whooping 75000 paintings!

With a cup of coffee, you can now savour the delight of classic-historic-paintings.

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