Notism – A tool to discuss visual content with your team


As per Thomas Friedman (of “The World is flat” fame), one of the enablers of globalization 3.0 are the workflow software’s. They make collaboration easier in a distributed work environment, where people are scattered throughout the world and emails and IMs are not sufficient as means of communication. This is truer in case of UX design & development which require constant feedback, interaction, back-and-forth discussions and a series of brain storming sessions. This requires software tools and software with capabilities beyond the already existing tools. This is exactly where Notism fits in.

Notism is a team-communication tool where you can upload and review visual projects and designs with others. The app takes a lead-by-example approach when it comes to design. The design is very neat, clean, and extremely user-friendly. The best features include being able to create interactive prototypes via hotspots, categorization for notes and groups of people, ability to review and approve designs online making iterations simpler, project customization, Reply to comments via email without logging into your account and ability to assign and track to-do items thereby eliminating the need for spreadsheets for project management. With instant online access to the project, all the members are on the same page, hence eliminating the need for constant status update emails.


Brains behind the venture are Jan Riecke and Hannes and the tool is still in the public beta phase. The offering is unique with the only notable competitor being ZOOcore. The team is open for feedback and the features under discussion currently include adding a way to discuss video and audio and a way to connect Notism to Dropbox.

If you are a web designer, logo designer, ad agency guy or anybody who works with visual designs, you have to try this!