Every startup needs a mission statement

Every startup needs a mission statement

Every business, whether small or large, has a mission in mind. However when the mission is not implemented in writing and is not displayed to everyone it serves no purpose. Therefore, for every startup it is important to maintain a mission statement.

[alert style=”green”]The purpose that a mission statement serves is immense and crucial. A mission statement states in a brief way everything your startup is about. It also states the business policy and clearly affirms the goals and destinations of your startup. The mission statement will spell out your target clients and display the type of product or service you have to offer. Most importantly the statement will tell others in which way your company is unique.[/alert]

So what should a mission statement contain? A mission should be brief but full of power. It should basically describe the purpose or motive of your startup. It must contain the description of the consumers you want to cater to. It is necessary to use words that will leave a drastic and long-lasting impression in the minds of the readers. To add more punch use dynamic active words. The entire statement must suffice in maximum three to four sentences. The smaller and concise it is the better the message is delivered.

The mission statement must be right in front of the eyes of both the clients as well as the employees. Post it on websites, print it on business cards, display it in office, email signature lines, etc. The reason behind this is that every one must be able to see your business mission.

However a stale and old mission statement is next to useless. The same way companies evolve as per their customer’s needs, their business mission needs to evolve and alter too. Going on rechecking and altering the mission statement on a regular time period is a great idea. An active mission statement is the best way to communicate to your clients. If necessary, take suggestions to reconsider your mission statement.