Pakistani Prepaid Cards Hacker Sentenced in Brooklyn

Pakistani Prepaid Cards Hacker Sentenced in Brooklyn

On last Friday, a Pakistani man who was involved in hacking two multi-million dollar ATMS, by attacking debit card processors was finally convicted to eighteen months of prison in the federal court of Brooklyn.

Imran Elahi was affirmed to be guilty mainly for his involvement in a hacking of about $14 million against the Fidelity Information Services recently in 2011, and another heist in 2008 of $9 million involving RBS WorldPay.

Surprisingly, these crimes resemble closely to the heist that occurred last month involving $45 million of global ATM unveiled by Brooklyn federal prosecutors.

U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch thereby accused about eight defendants who were using stolen debit cards at thousands of automatic teller machines all across the world for a certain period of hours arranging the unified global attacks. The exploitation programs, enabled them to withdraw a wholesome amount of cash in almost no time using several cards  from MasterCard Inc (MA.N), Bank Muscat of Oman, National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah PSC issued prepaid debit cards, as well as the United Arab Emirates RAKBANK. In just about 10 hours, they could draw about $ 40 million cash as declared in reports.

As per the reports, Elahi was largely involved in scattering the debit card numbers, to the payees in Mexico and other locations. In the short span of 7-8 years, Elahi has targeted around 360 financial institutes and gained not less than $$250,000 to $300,000.

During his conviction on Friday, Elahi was deeply remorseful and co-operative with the government. With passage of time, if he is repentant and polite, he might be released unhesitatingly without a delay so that he can reunite with his family in Pakistan.

It is not clearly revealed by Lynch’s office if there is any correspondence of Elahi’s assistance and hit in May. The ringleaders of the cybercrime as well as the country they are located at, still remain untangled and publicly unidentified. However, Elahi accepted all the charges of connecting with the heists, accessing the technical systems of the payment processors that operated the prepaid debit cards for the financial organizations and banks and governing the expansion of balance available as well as withdrawal limits on specific cards.