Met – Attach annotations to users on Twitter

Met - Attach annotations to users on Twitter

How cool do you think it is to read a note written by you for people regarding your connection with them every time you browse? It’s entertaining together with being emotive, isn’t it? Looking backwards to your life, you will always know how you met that particular individual, what is the story of you and him, and a choice of other notes you wish to make. It’s a surprise given to you by yourself when you suddenly come across these annotations. And Met helps you make this dream come true.

‘Annotate, Remember & Discover’ as the tag says it all, this app helps you search for the people on twitter with its specialized browser plug-ins for you to make notes, remarks on them. That was the first step of three –to ‘find’ people followed by adding annotations and then to browse through their web application to see those people stand out on your list.


Attaching your observations to people not only reminds you later of your ties but also strengthen your relation with them. In the long-run it’s only the memories that last and what more could you desire that you can add on bit by bit to your treasure. All the precious people about whom you write remarks or make notes come marked by a symbol of blue coloured bubble on the bottom right of their display picture to individuate being your annotated users. And I’m sure that will undoubtedly naturally bring a smile on your face!

You have to register yourself so that you can enjoy this service for the years to come. There’s just one catch that you can tag on only to the users on twitter as designed by the founders.

Keep aside your pens and papers, and give it a spin to create everlasting memories for lifetime.