TablesTest – A simplistic way to learn your multiplication table

TablesTest – A simplistic way to learn your multiplication table

I was in standard two when learning tables or truly said rote memorization of tables was the trend like now possessing an iPhone or S3 is. Those who could recall quickly make the teacher’s pet and others became parrots. I remember being crudely awakened in the early morning hours with temptations of an evening ice-cream and then being seated with a notebook at the dining table to strictly feed to memory – numbers that followed a pattern (which I never followed).

There wasn’t much scope but I would still hope for more fun and innovative ways of learning tables where 3 and 2 made 6 instead of 5! Nothing came along then but now TablesTest has come up with an amusing method of learning tables and testing how good you are at them.


There are five levels and you can choose the option that appeals to you more, in no particular order. A ticker continuously keeps a watch over you, so no cheating or it will cost you time. The quicker you answer the higher you score.

TablesTest is a simple way of knowing multiples upto 10 like the back of your hand. You can also save and compare your score with other users. This has no lengthy protocols just a quick signup via your email id.

Ready for some numerical fun.