Blogmate – Helps you to highlight, annotate and organize your web content


Although today we are accessible to tools like Instapaper and Readability, where we can easily pin up all the interesting articles from various blogs and websites, all at once place; I still find it pretty more cumbersome when I really need to do some editing with particular articles.

Try remembering those days right back, when we were limited to pen and paper. Do you remember that phase of your school days, when you used those fluorescent color markers to highlight important passages in your textbook? It was fun and helpful, both at the same time.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could add such real time activities to a reading website? Well that’s what Blogmate is all about; an online tool which not only saves all your web pages and online articles (as archives), but also helps you highlight and make annotations to all important passages in order to take notes, just the way you do it on a paperback notebook.

[highlight]”How does highlighting the text help me” must be the question on your mind, right?[/highlight]

Here’s the answer right from the developers of Blogmate – “We know that reading actively, e.g. highlighting or annotating while reading, can help improve your understanding and retention of the text. During active reading, your brain is deliberately creating rather than passively consuming.”

Just to make sure you get the best of both worlds, Austin Fonacier, Danny Banks and Ben Johnson, from California; have been working at night, after their regular day office-shift to build this online platform.


Even though, we’ve covered some of the best reading tools earlier – Old Reader, Backstitch, SyndiFeed; with it’s appealing features, Blogmate seems to bring in some serious competition in the game.

Now you can grab any content from the web and create your own personal archive of information and have a better reading experience.

Download the Chrome Extension of Blogmate here.