Mail’ette – Helps designers to showcase their mockups, track approvals and save time


When it comes to creative decisions of the websites, majority of business owners tend to leave it on professional designers. While a professional designer knows perfectly what is attainable and what is not, no one can understand your business requirements better than you. Thus, the final product must combine both the hands in order give your ideas perfect shape.

If you possess creative skills, then all you need is to sharpen your skills in order to become a successful graphic designer. First of all you need to familiarize with designing software’s like Photoshop, Illustrator or others you find comfortable. Before you finally kick start your journey, and set up your own business, you’ll need to create demo business cards, mock logos and few other assets. Setting up your portfolio, and mock designs will enable you to approach potential clients more smoothly. For this purpose, you may try out the several designing forums that hosts thousands of content daily, but the best possible place to develop your skills is none other than Mail’ette.

Mail’ette is a simple web application, for the upcoming freelance designers or web developing agencies to send their mock designs via email, get feedback, and share it with the clients, ultimately getting approval for their work very fast. It is vital to decide the number of templates that you’ll need, what is the most important thing to be included in every page of the website, where should be the navigation and much more. Initially, designers used to sum up the entire task in a piece of paper before execution. With Mail’ette, you can simply attach your entire idea via email, with the link to your mock webpage and receive email confirmation once your designs are approved by clients. Its that simple!


This will surely help designers fine-tune their skills and boost up their income. So, if you are an amateur designer, hunting for an opportunity to pitch your creative skills, start with the basic plan of Mail’ette free account today, and get hired immediately!