LurnQ – One smart learning platform you should definitely check out

LurnQ - One smart learning platform you should definitely check out

Since the past decade, the very concept of learning has transformed rapidly with the advent of digital learning. Nowadays, there are several reputed institutes all across the globe, that offer distance learning programs through which one can achieve specialization and skills without being physically present for the classroom lecture. Thus, it is less time consuming as well as economical!

With several e-learning platforms, you can now polish your skills and knowledge. By installing the free e-learning apps on your mobile or tablets or by playing various educational games too, you can engage yourself in active learning process even while you are on the move. However, the learning process becomes all the more enhanced and exciting when experts are actively involved in the process making it more social. Looking at this segment, I stumbled upon LurnQ, a social learning online platform.

LurnQ - Learn things you are interested in

With numerous intelligent minds collaborating and exchanging their knowledge through blogs and forums, LurnQ is designed to make your learning experience more pleasurable and joyous. This educational app collects all the valuable contents from web, and filters them on the basis of reader’s preferences and develops a simple news feed of the relevant data and this way it offers the perfect reading solution for curious folks.

After looking at the previous online learning apps like Open Learning, Function Space, and few others; LurnQ is an open learning platform for people interested in expanding their knowledge about any topics. Learning is always fun in an interactive manner. With LurnQ, you can interact with different minds having common interest. Apart from getting the feeds from dozens of subjects available, one can also create lessons and explore them.  All you need to do is simply register yourself, and then you can start following the news topics that arrest your attention!

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try and start exploring new dimensions of open learning.