How to be sure of office love birds – Usual signs of knowing about office affairs

How to be sure of office love birds - Usual signs of knowing about office affairs

There are a few telltale signs to confirm whether two of your employees are actually having an affair or not. So instead of believing the rumors, ensure that you know the right thing by assessing the signs.

  • A and B avoid eye contact with each other. You find A blushing when B is around. B gets pale and nervous with A sitting next to him. Thus both your employees have suddenly become shy to converse with each other.
  • A and B never ever leave the office at the same time. More strangely they make a point of letting everyone know that they are leaving at different times.
  • They are spending more time than necessary at the office. These are the first two people to volunteer for overtime work. They are the first to arrive in the office and among the last to leave. It seems like their entire life revolves around the office.
  • When you come across them you feel like you are interrupting a very private conversation and you feel awkward and strange around them. They seem to have watched the same movies, read the same books and they are almost always found exchanging knowing glances that no one else can follow.
  • They are always found at the same location together. If you wish to find A, you can look for B because both of them will be found with each other. Embarrassingly you have noted that they are found developing wardrobe malfunction by the end of the working day. They are even found at outside restaurants discussing “strategy”.
  • B is found defending A’s argument rather stupidly in conferences and meetings.
  • Coincidentally both A and B seem to go on vacations around the same time and they fall sick on the same days too. If asked about their vacation they give improper and non-substantial answers.
  • Their tastes have changed drastically. A has developed a liking towards B’s favorite football team and B is all of a sudden watching A’s favorite shows. They seem to like and do what the other liked and did.
  • They are suddenly in perfect shape. A is giving more time in dressing up and comes to office completely tended. B has started jogging to stay fit. Then they join the same gymnasium too.
  • Their office doors are always found closed. Now every file or important paper is passed from beneath the door as the door is locked too. A and B are meeting up a lot behind doors and strange giggles and noises can be heard from outside.
  • Both of them are disappearing at the same time from office parties and events and can’t be found till the end of it.
  • Although A and B live at the opposite ends of the city they travel to office together. But surprisingly A drops B two blocks away from the office building. What could be the reason behind that?
  • Nowadays none of the two employees are doing their work properly. The project submission deadline is continuously getting increased and they are not getting any work done.

The above signs seem similar to what you have been noticing since the past few months. Rest assured. You are soon receiving a wedding card that says “A and B requests your gracious presence on their wedding ceremony”. Smile and attend it. Love blooms in schools, colleges as well as offices.