Nearbox – An app to know what’s happening around you

Nearbox - Know what’s happening around you

You were down with fever and so you missed an outstanding Dance Flash mob at a nearby mall. And now, you’re feeling super jealous, as you see your friends posting status on Facebook or discussing about it in a group chat. Oh! You must be feeling so left out.

Time to cheer up, as I’m up with an amazing mobile app – Nearbox, which helps you to  subscribe to places where you hangout generally, and you will never miss any topic next time.

Nearbox is a location-based message board, in fact not just a message board, more of a discussion portal. You can post about what is happening at the venue, get updates, and ask questions. Basically anything and everything you want to know about the place.

There are certain essentials too:

  • You need to have an account on Facebook and connect it there.
  • Not more than 240 characters in a single message  (keeping it short and simple).
  • Only one mailbox in every 10m range.
  • You can leave a message only when you are within a range of 400m

No mailbox at your favorite spot, then how about creating one by yourself. It’s more like, find a Nearbox on the map, or simply place one, and you are all set to have endless happenings with locals. From the developers, “If Facebook is a social graph, Twitter is a trend graph then we want Nearbox to be a local graph telling you what’s going on around you from people around you.”

Often compared to Twitter and defined as “Hyperlocal Twitter” and “Geolocation Twitter” – will it really put up some serious competition? Instead of following a person, try following a place and the discussion going on there, and let your friends know what’s happening around you.

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