Liveblog Pro – Adding a new dimension to live blogging

Liveblog Pro – Adding a new dimension to live blogging

Live blogging is a form of textual reporting of news stream. It mainly centers on any events or activities, and includes any video, or images during the live event. In many ways, it is similar to spot-news reporting, but in this case it is done by individuals to support their blogs. The term “Live” means that the blogger is actually present at the event physically and is sending updates accordingly as the event proceeds.

Initially this was practically impossible task, but with the advancement of technologies and web access, it is now possible to submit blogs as well as images via smartphones. Thus, live blogging has taken a new dimension these days when it comes to staying updated with the latest news that interests us. It is needless to say that; live blogging actually has a wider scope than mere tweets.

Liveblog ProIf you are an aspiring journalist, passionate about live blogging, here is your best opportunity to sharpen and polish your skills via Liveblog Pro. The beta tool is basically a platform for live blogging, started by journalists for the upcoming journalists. Here you have the freedom to cover everything of your choice: from live events, to developing news items, to interviews and a lot more. The best part is that you can customize your version of the device with a host of embedding options to choose from and include your tweets automatically and publish it on the platforms you want.

Liveblog Pro has been exclusively designed to support the upcoming journalists, and hence is tested by journalists of The Guardian, Trinity Mirror, and The Times to ensure that it has everything that the young journalists seek. The three basic features define the tool completely is its simplicity, reliability and a host of exclusive features.

Now there’s certainly a good tool to start publishing your live blogs instantly, add more contributors to cover multiple events, and host interesting discussions.