Handpick – Helps you smartly share right stuff with right people

Handpick – Helps you smartly share right stuff with right people

Let’s take this case, when you’re browsing few sites for finding information related to “successful bootstrapping”, and out of those piles of information that you will find, you’d definitely want to share those important links and blogs with your friends who have their own startups. Sharing those URL’s via Facebook and Twitter would be the most convenient method. Right?

Hang On, before we jump onto the next situation. Apart from successful bootstrapping, you even want to share information related to history books with your classmates, cooking recipes with your mom and gaming hacks with your online friends. Now, do you think that sharing these dozens of links with different groups of people is quite an easy task? Not really.

Most of us know the importance of sharing links. It is one of the easiest ways to propagate information over the web with your loved ones. However, situations may get difficult when you share over hundreds of different links with different people in your life. And what happens when you send wrong information to wrong people. Personally, I’ve known the consequences when links were sent to wrong people. People had started thinking me of a spamming bot.

Fortunately, few days back I came across a startup called ‘Handpick’, a tool which would be of immense help for people like me, who share links with different groups of people on regular basis.

You can add email addresses of friends to individual groups, thereby segregating the information (i.e. links) they will receive in their email. What makes Handpick more easy to use tool is its Bookmarklet and a Chrome extension, which helps you add important links and websites right from your browser.

Handpick - Dashboard

What made you build Handpick? I asked Alvin, the man behind the startup. And here are the three primary reasons he has to say:

  • Different groups of people I interact with care about different things. When I send links which are highly relevant, the discussions that follow become deeper and more fun.
  • It’s more assuring to share links with candid comments, which might return and haunt, privately via email rather than on a public social network. A more conducive manner to nurture intimate, heartfelt email discussions.
  • Email notifications from social networks are disruptive. Bundling links into a daily or weekly email digest and delivering them at the best time is a great way to respect my friends’ time and attention.

Started by a one man army, Handpick seems to change the way we share links with the people we care about. Give it a spin, and let us know your thoughts.