Lingo of the entrepreneurial world – Do not take it over-the-top

Lingo of the entrepreneurial world - Do not take it over-the-top

Years ago, startups were busy leveraging and pulling their strings together to make it through successfully by the close of business. There were new and more meaningful ways being devised to bang for the buck. Due diligence was done before running up the flagpole every time. For all those acluistic ones who are being driven nuts trying to grasp the clear meaning of the above sentences, fear not. You do not need treatment. You just need to be acquainted with the ongoing business jargon or the most used phrases by the budding entrepreneurs, businessmen and corporate sectors all over the world.

The current ongoing craze of using these jargons for communicating among peers has taken over the entire industry in the global market. So much so that now the words are being used over-dramatically and given a funny angle. The lingo of entrepreneurs after going through a great deal of highs and lows has transformed from an ubercool way of office communication to the topic of jokes in the news feed. Doesn’t make us, the entrepreneurs, happy, does it? No one likes to be treated buzzworthy in a negative sense. Thus seeing the way the language of the corporate globe is being misused does make us want to retort.

People are coming up with more and more articles to explain the true significance of the well-articulated phrases, to help make the message sink-in. So when one asks you “what about writing for the editorial section” do not say “of course, it connects with my authentic self”. That is downright ridiculous and highly theatrical. The authentic meaning of “authentic self” is being true to your self in the work or actions that you perform. Saying that you are being true to your inner personality by writing for the editorial section is a strange way of replying when the question demanded may be just a plain “yeah sure”. Now this is called being over-the-top.

There are many such examples. An alpha geek means one who is the head of the IT department. But nowadays any project leader is being termed as the alpha geek by their peers. Many a times people are unaware about the clear and defined meaning of such jargon. “Pivoting one’s business” is one of the most abused phrases of all. The expression pivot has quite a few meanings. One of it being to shift or change your business model to make the startup better and successful but it clearly does not mean to quit the present idea completely. However mostly everyone uses this term to denote their desire to radically change their business that has been resulted due to a previous business failure.

It’s high time that the lingo of startups and businesses needs to be confined to their ideal and judicial use. Over-exploitation of this language will not only make it lose its entire purpose of creation but also ruin it completely.