Letterboxd – A social network for sharing your taste in films


LetterboxdAre you a movie buff? The excitement of a new movie launch, the scrambling for getting the first review, to be that one person in your circle, who can predict ‘What will make for a fantastic watch’, because you understand the taste of your friends. It would be incredibly cool. (I know). The excitement perks up when it comes with the element of secrecy. Yes, what if you could find a secret diary that told you about the likings and inclinations of your fellow film connoisseurs’. The genre, the recently watched, the ratings, the favorites, the reviews of the movies; all could be out by flipping the open diary. And what if you can post comments too? Prodigious right!

Letterboxd is a social community, which creates an intuitive interface to share one’s taste in movies. You can keep track of new releases and escape being the black sheep. Read reviews and write your opinion off the movie, while building a personal collection. You can find and follow your friends take on movies and learn about their tastes.

The free to use, online app has ‘by invitation’ membership only. Once you’ve secured and accepted your invite by signing up or by the help of an existing member, getting started couldn’t be simpler. This tool marks your movie choices by adding star ratings. You can create a ‘watchlist’ of films you’d like to watch in future, be it of any genre or of any time period; Letterboxd brings it all on the floor.

The fun part is you can make as many lists as you desire, of different genres, containing innumerable movies in each. The ‘add a film’ button helps your followers to keep track of your movie- line and read your take on them. There remains to barrier to the number of times you wish to update your ratings and flip through the list of movies you have watched.


Letterboxd provides the platform to watch movies via iTunes, Amazon and Netflix. The ‘activity dashboard’ keeps track of all your interactions which will help you remember all your cross-references in content, among your group. The site plans to introduce paid accounts down the line, but there’ll always be a free option for all the moviegoers.

The platform is in its public beta stage – makes all your diary content visible except the watchlist and curated lists that are marked as private. This keeps your privacy intact. Even your Twitter or Facebook friends could be connected to your profile if they are using Letterboxd to make a cooler hangout cyberspace. It’s a great way to recommend movies socially and keep the wished vs. watched lists of movies.

Give it a spin, and let us know what do you think about it.