Gazettr – Share your unique travel stories with friends

Every place around the world has its own unique history. For a passionate traveler in love with unveiling the mysteries of places, it is very interesting experience to pen down his personal experiences. After all, each of us feel eager to share our impressions, with somebody, especially when we are deeply aroused by the charm and mystery of a place. We cannot control the temptations to describe the amazing journey in our own words, and recommending people about the place. If you are one such dedicated traveler, longing for an opportunity to shape your ideas and contribute in the field of travel writings, here is the perfect destination for you: Gazettr.

Gazettr is web based app that helps you shape up your ideas and share your version of reality about the places and locations all over the world which appears appealing to you.

It might be so that you don’t intend to become a professional writer at all, but you want to fulfill yourself spiritually by sharing your experiences with people. Be it an amazing journey or the worst one, this cool app assists you to redefine and refresh your travel stories, to share your unique experiences with friends, family members as well as the other readers.


Here are three primary things; you can use the app for:

  • To pin down your stories right onto the map.
  • To know more about the road maps and the places you want to visit.
  • To share your unique suggestions, and tips about the locality or the place that you’ve visited earlier.

Are you an enthusiastic writer? Now you can kick start your professional travel writing career with Gazettr.