Kittysplit – The easiest way to work out who owes what

Kittysplit – The easiest way to work out who owes what

Mostly there always arises a problem when you have to find out who owes how much to whom in case of a trip, outing, dinners had together, right? Many a times the excitement to escape to a place for amusement with friends always over -shadows the money measure. Sometimes you are shy to ask your friend to pay; or think that all the expenses will be fragmented later and other mind calculations perpetually makes you pay for everybody. This later in turn calls for complication bringing in the question of- ‘who owes what?’ This is a daily occurring phenomenon to anybody at all.

Now just think of an app, which can fix this. You just enter the number of people involved and the amount to be divided; and within a fraction of second the result displays before you with the entire summary of each expense of every event giving you the complete layout of the trip. How was the imagery? Must have loved it! And the good news is that Kittysplit brings us this comfort.

This app divides the process in just three simple steps of ‘create event’ , ‘add expense’, ‘find out who owes what’ to give you a pictured description to find ‘the easiest way to work out who owes what’. This characteristic is quite pleasing as picture always explains better and here you even get a flow chart for demonstration which can be shared by all who were there by sending the link. This added feature will popularize among the younger generation as ‘easy makes life simpler.’

Kittysplit is free to use as designed by Casper Wrede, Pepe Ciardelli, Bijan Latif, Paul Bunau, and Matt Henderson using various technologies with a goal to ensure painless solution to the ‘kitty that needs splitting’! By using this app it can be assured that the founders have reached their goal to the maximum and will progress further.

So the next time when your kitty needs splitting, you know what to do!