Junkio – A marketplace to sell your junk socially


Are you one of those people who bought a guitar on whim but never got enough time to play it? And now you being aware of the fact that you don’t need it anymore, the best possible action you can take is – sell it online. E-Commerce is growing by leaps and bounds with new technologies and novel ideas for creating an effective and competitive marketplace. However, the two concerns which still remain notched are getting people to know about a sale and trusting the buyers and sellers. Junkio hopes to address these concerns.

Junkio is a peer-to-peer network for buying and selling new or used items to anyone on the Internet, or privately between friends. You can add friends on the site and also share the listing on your circles hence ensuring an audience for your listing. And you can transact with confidence knowing other Junkio members are verified since you use the same account as that for Amazon i.e the transactions are backed with Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee Protection.

The features like simple forms and navigation, free listing, customized profile and social selling are not new and are also offered by some others like Artery, Shoplocket and Sellbox. What sets this Houston-based marketplace apart is only tangible, physical items can be sold on Junkio, the private sharing, verification of users, no fee in case the item is sold through cash transaction and an item once posted doesn’t need to be re-listed.

Junkio Team

Junkio is still in its Beta stage and looks good as of now. What I would have liked to see is being able to login through Facebook or Google to make signing up easier. I don’t see any shipping details mentioned on the site or for items which makes it look more like something meant only for friends. Also, only time I would want to put something up for sale privately is maybe when I want a few to see it before the others but that is a very subjective issue.

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