Say no to non-sense

Say no to non-sense

There are many small unnecessary tasks that come your way but needs to be avoided completely and many tedious temptations that will waste your time and you might lose your actual goal. There will be many silly distracting objects and work that will deviate you from your purpose. You need to learn to say no to these. Successful people are successful because they know what was important to work on and what was not. And to achieve that purpose they mastered the art of saying no.

Say no to non-senseThere are many unimportant things that have to be avoided at all costs and most of us know this. But the trouble arises when we actually have to avoid them. When one has to say no to someone’s request or some delicious ice cream then it gets extremely difficult. However learning how to say no can make immense positive changes in your life that will make it more productive and beneficial.

As per Journal of Consumer Research two sorts of people exist. One type of people, when tempted, tries to avoid it by saying that ‘I can’t’. The other type say ‘I don’t’ when any kind of distraction comes their way. And it has been observed that the first type of people is the ones who easily give in to temptations than the second type. However researchers wanted to study further if such people were able to focus in spite of regular distractions.

People were divided in three groups and presented with a chocolate bar. The first group was asked to simply say no to it. The second group was told to just say that ‘I can’t eat the chocolate’. The third group responded that ‘I don’t eat chocolates’. The words that are used to say no make a lot of difference in modifying our professional life.

The reason why ‘I can’t’ is not too powerful in strengthening one’s resolution is because the words bind us in a limited manner. It shows that we are denying to do something because of some restriction. On the contrary ‘I don’t’ signifies that you are powerful enough to resist any form of enticement that is lurking close to you.

Words are powerful weapons. They work where grenades and rifles stop. Therefore it is completely upon us how we use it to positively construct our life. Saying no for all the small unessential things that we generally tend to ignore can make a huge deal of difference. So when the waitress brings a new flavor of ice cream or a distant friend asks to sign up for an unimportant insurance tell them you don’t want to.

Storytelling has become a crucial aspect of marketing

Storytelling has become a part of marketing

Amanda Palmer told her story using Kickstarter and raised $1.2 million dollars for her music aspiration. And surprisingly, she is not the only one. There are millions who are selling their products, ideas, and apps by telling their stories.

Storytelling has influenced the marketing and advertising world greatly. Every idea told in the form of a story sells better than just the facts. Good stories have the ability to make us think, ponder, decide, argue, reason and see everything that we normally couldn’t have seen. Stories when nicely told are more effective than charts and graphs and lengthy figures.

Kickstarter has amazingly brought back the trend of storytelling and has made it a heart-touching experience for all the users throughout the world. Every project needs to submit a video telling the story behind it as to why and how the project came into existence and the purpose it would serve. This is what makes Kickstarter even more unique.

Storytelling has become a part of marketing

A unique way of telling story is an art and the present times require it. As the world is becoming more and more digitalized, the need to hear the story behind a company or an idea is increasing. People want something that will help them connect with the real world. They are unaware of your marketing strategy, sales growth, newest features added in your products the first time they come across your company. But the thing that they will notice the first time you interact with the visitors is the story that you have to tell.

Brands are nowadays built on the art of storytelling. Almost every company uses content in their website or marketing method. Therefore, it is highly important that the content needs to be of the best quality to catch people’s attention. This art is not only important to businesses but also individuals. Employed individuals or freelancers, both require carving a space in the minds of their employers. If you can tell a good, honest story in the most attractive way then you are sure to guarantee yourself a place in the global job market.

Great personalities excel in what they do because they know that the way you tell a fact is more essential than what the fact is. Most religious philosophers gave amazing lessons in life by telling stories. They knew that stories make presentations more convincing, make thoughts stick in your minds and creates a lasting impact.

Therefore, to be the best in what we do we need to tell the best stories too. And the more we practice the better we get in it.

Tips to gain upper hand in the market

Tips to gain upper hand in the market

The entire packaging of a product right from the basics to the designing and promoting is highly vital to the company’s sales growth. A few tips right from first-hand user experience will surely enhance your startup’s market position.

Tips to gain upper hand in the marketEnsure that the way in which you are describing and labeling your merchandise is catchy and simple for everyone to comprehend. Users spend very little time in going through a website to find what the app is all about. It is frustrating if the homepage does not give enough idea about the product. Therefore, the designing and write-up needs to be short and concise.

What is the ultimate purpose of your product? To help its users do their specific tasks easily and fluently. An ideal product is easily accessible and must have a pre-defined action to do to every command of the user. The product should be hassle-free and easy to use.

[alert style=”grey”]Important Tip: The base of every relationship is built on trust. Therefore, you cannot let the customer-product relationship to stumble. Build a trustworthy brand, so that when clients invest in your products they would never have to lose their faith. Honesty and loyalty are respected everywhere. The product needs to ooze out faith and belief, only then can you expect anything in return.[/alert]

Tips to gain upper hand in the marketBefore working on the design, complexity and higher-level organization check if the basics of your product fall in the right place. Suppose you have a mind-blowing app that records the temperature of various cities and displays them to you. The designing and outlook of the app is great but the app is too slow and does not respond appropriately to the user’s input. You obviously do not want your users to find your product unreliable.

Tips to gain upper hand in the marketThere is absolutely no point in giving away virtual rewards and points to the clients. These things initially hold attention but as time passes the craze and shine will rub away. Therefore, hold your client’s attention by giving real-time benefits and offers that will help him in some way or the other.

People will not be interested in your app if you have nothing interesting to offer. No one likes spending part of their valuable time with something that will not benefit them anyhow. Make sure that you are offering some sort of useful work to your users, only then will they treat you to be a part of their life.

[alert style=”grey”]Important Tip: Do only one thing at a time. Jack of all trades and master of none is not the ideal situation for an entrepreneur. Be perfect in the one thing that you are doing. Maintain constant connection between the product and the users so that you can quickly and effectively solve all queries and issue your users face.[/alert]

Give pleasant yet memorable surprise gifts and offers to your clients. Honestly, there is not a single person who doesn’t like surprises. These tiny little causes of happiness are the things that your user will cherish for a long time.

To get hold of something you need to constantly persevere. And the test of perseverance is showcased by how effectively you can convince prospective clients in using your product. Persistently send emails and notifications, this will surely pay off if you are trying to sell an idea that will make your clients’ lives easier.

How to benefit from market competition

How to benefit from market competition

Many startups get stuck and fail because they are unable to analyze their strengths and work on other startup’s weaknesses. Market competition is such an aspect of entrepreneurship that needs to be harnessed in a positive manner. Treating the competition as a sort of battle that needs to be won to walk further is the right approach. Building your business by winning the small battles will ultimately help you win the war.

How to benefit from market competitionThe first thing you need to do is keep a note of your competitors in the market. Subscribe to their newsletters, buy their products and if possible visit their office. Try observing their product qualities and the methods of manufacturing. Also most of the competitors would love to boast how they started and how their company grew to be so successful. After you have carefully noted down everything in your mind, try reflecting on them. See which of their features are distinguished from yours and how you can improve your strategies to outdo them.

After having analyzed your competitor’s business characteristics, work on your own plans and goals. Start with creating a new and user-friendly website that will instantly draw the user’s attention. Beat the other startups in this respect. Your plan is to give out products of the topmost quality so that your customers recognize you for your authenticity. Once the competition is taken out of the market equation you have won half the battle.

Generally larger companies are not too bothered in acquiring new customers. Use this opportunity in setting up a helpful and understanding customer service for your own company. Try to give your customers a wonderful buying experience, something that will make them wish to come back and shop from you again. Make sure that you win the hearts of your customers and understand and solve their problems. Timely conversing with your clients is a great way to connect to them.

[alert style=”white”]Important Tip: While your startup is in the slow developing and processing stage try maintaining a low key. There is no need to draw attention in the market until you have acquired a loyal set of followers. Because if your competitors get to know about your progress, then they will try to take out your assets and bring you down.[/alert]

Take the lead and maintain it. You are the boss of your company and therefore, it is your responsibility to take the company to the peak of the success ladder. Go on business conferences, communicate with people and implement new features into your company. Build contacts and a great team that can manage every aspect of your startup.

How to benefit from market competitionResearching about the market and then carving your own space into it is the main motive. Give the best service and unique experience to your customers and emerge as the ultimate triumphant company.

Difficulties faced by entrepreneurs and ways to overcome them

Difficulties faced by entrepreneurs and ways to overcome them

An entrepreneur has a difficult path to tread, a path that is full of challenges and hardships. Here are few troubles along with their solutions that every entrepreneur faces and has to overcome.

It is said as per the studies that entrepreneurs are mostly affected by depression and anxiety. Having a rigorous daily schedule and tons of burdens heaving on their shoulders, entrepreneurs are most likely to be affected by depressive moods. The best and most effective way to overcome continuous sadness is to be with people who love and support you. These people will be there for you when you are down and help you get back on your feet.

Sometimes overestimating one’s growth or financial turnover can be equally challenging. Many a times we see other entrepreneurs and judge our own business as per their strategies and sales growth. No two companies are alike. If one company has gained a million in a year then it is not necessary that you will do the same.

[alert style=”green”]Focus is an issue to young businessman. Sometimes entrepreneurs do not know where their focus should lie and try to please everyone. Every startup must have a target audience. Know who your clients are and what they want. Also see what is needed in the market, how much is the present rate and how to sell the product to your customers.[/alert]

Difficulties faced by entrepreneurs and ways to overcome themEvery startup has a purpose and when the purpose is lost then the startup loses its existence. Most entrepreneurs start their own business because they want to do something of their own but if they lose passion then the long hours of work, meetings, researches, conferences will all lose their value. Thus doing something that you are passionate about is extremely necessary. The more you love your work, the more input you would be able to give into your company. Energy and enthusiasm will come from passion and purpose.

These basic challenges haunt each and every entrepreneur and it is up to them to overcome and move forward.

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productive

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productive

Working as a freelancer has its benefits as well as disadvantages. Keeping a few points in mind would make this freelancing experience even better. You never know when the part-time freelancing hobby could get turned into full-time serious job.

Tips for budding freelancers - Start getting more productiveWake up on time everyday irrespective of the fact whether you have work or not. The point is to always be available to your prospective employers. What you will never want is that your employers will mail you and you would take a few hours to see the message and then reply. Being punctual is a very good habit.

Nurturing interest in more than one cultural aspect. This might help you get into more depth in that field or it can make you avoid the other topic that you are not so good in. It is extremely important to know what exactly our strengths are. Jumping from one subject to another creates new chances and opens new doors for a person.

[alert style=”white”]Important Tip: It is no use forcing yourself to complete work in a hurry. When there is time that can be afforded to think and wonder, also when inspiration can grow its roots, producing quality work gets easier. The more culturally informative you become, the better it is for the freelancing job.[/alert]

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productiveHanging around with people with the same work situation will boost your confidence. You will be able to discuss your problems, issues, and better way to solve them. There will be happiness to share too. The way you can work at your own sweet will and enjoy long hours of lunchtime is marvelous. Having a social group of freelancers to talk with will seriously be apt. However it is not enough to just have a group of friends, maintaining those friendships is essential. Do not bring in jealousy, over competitive attitude and do not ruin other’s reputation. This will only destroy relationships.

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productiveDo make a habit of reading comments. There will be many anonymous people who will right ill about you and your work. But believe me going through them will make you realize that you need to avoid such nameless and spineless opinions. Also you will learn how to hold your ground and reply to every comment that has been put your way. This will build your confidence. But there are few times when it is better not to read comments uselessly.

[alert style=”green”]Important Tip: Respecting your editor is vital. He has many more writers like you to deal with and many more issues in hand. Make it simpler for him by not arguing with him and listening to whatever correction he asks to make. Do not show him attitude and try and be patient with him. Believe me, the patience and good behavior will be returned gratuitously.[/alert]

Do not lose your grounds ever. Sometimes your editor would want to cut off your sentences ruthlessly, take advantage of your goodness and pay you late unreasonably. Stand up for yourself and fight for your rights.

There are many associations that do not pay to their writers and designers, neither do those freelancers ask for money. This is because it is a great learning experience for them. However, business organizations are capable of paying their freelancers and therefore, it is your right to ask for payment.

Many a times you will be developing friendly relations with your editors. This will give you a chance to publish your writings easily. However, do not make unnecessary and unreasonable requests. If the writing is not good your friend would not be willing to publish it because money and relationships are two different things.

You can buy business cards and hand it out to people who are not so socially active in Facebook or Twitter.

Remember one thing clearly, working as a freelancer does not give you the luxury of being engaged. You have to remain single because of your odd working hours and immense load of irregular work. After all, you do not want a partner always shouting at your ears. Instead of going to the coffee shop you can better utilize the time in writing two new topics.

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productiveIn spite of all work that has to be done, take timely breaks for eating, going out for a walk, treating your mind and body nicely. It is necessary to take care of oneself although there is a lot of work to do. Staying fit and healthy are the things that should never be sacrificed at the cost of work.

Promoting your professional life using social media is a great way of connecting with people. However, it is useless judging your work by the number of retweets or likes that your post has got. The writing will speak for itself and it does not need followers and reposts to prove that.

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productiveSince you are working from home you can make yourself comfortable in every way. Buy a proper desktop or laptop. Invest in creating a comfortable workspace in your house. Settle yourself snuggly and write with a calm mind.


[alert style=”grey”]Important Tip: Set little goals that you can cover. For example, target writing 2000 words articles at one go or writing for a big publication house, such targets can make a big contribution to your overall performance.[/alert]

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productiveWriting is inspired greatly from reading. Therefore, read and read more. Read novels, short stories, philosophies, autobiographies, historical fictions, etc. The more you read, the more you know, and the more you will be able to produce it in pen and paper.

Keep the jealousy out of the picture. So what your best friend who is also a freelancer has been approached and hired by so and so companies. It is good to be desired but don’t caress your ego and think that you want to be the best for the moment. Keep in mind; your slow and progressive work will ultimately bear fruits in the long run.

The last but not the least important thing to bear in mind is staying positive throughout the professional time period. Helping out your fellow professionals is also a great way of staying optimistic and happy.

Social media and its importance in the entrepreneurial world

Social media and its importance in the entrepreneurial world

If you ask whether social media is an important part of marketing and advertising strategy of your startup then the answer is a definite yes. Every company needs to know that exploiting social media in a positive way is extremely important. Nowadays everyone’s social virtual life is more active than the real one. Given below are few activities, which if carried out will be nutritional for your company.

Google Plus HangoutsCompanies may host a Google+ hangout on air. When videos are telecasted online it helps gain followers. It is a new engaging way of communicating with the audience and even your clients get a chance to see and interact with you. Just log on to your Google+ account and click on Start Hangout. Now you can create a video chat that will be streamed entirely to the world.

How about utilizing your employees’ social media status into something fruitful and worthy. You can begin by making a social customer engagement policy and train accordingly. Your employees now can act as your company’s ambassadors and spread the popularity of your business. You could also gain fans outside your company and they can help making your startup gain traction.

Pinterest is popular for its engaging and interesting way of connecting with its users. Make it even more attractive by creating contests to catch the attention of your target audience. It will also help you to understand better the needs and demands of your clients. You could use certain online applications to view your popularity on Pinterest.

The best way to achieve promotion is via Twitter. Tweet captivating questions to generate buzz among the audience. They can answer your question. This will generate more traffic and commentary and you can also get genuine feedback from your customers. The hash # symbol is mostly used to tag similar topics and helps in easy simple searching. Honestly, this symbol makes a big contribution in activating your company’s promotional market.

It is ardent to listen to one’s fans and regular customers. The necessary part of every startup is to make their users happy and happiness will be reached when each of their small desires will be fulfilled. When any customer tweets about certain complaint about your company, try resolving that and grant them a free gift or coupon so that they have something positive and encouraging to tweet about.

[alert style=”grey”]Share posts and other contents that are interest and engaging, something that will make your readers want to repost and share. Make your tweets or posts beautiful, so that they answer queries, make everyone wonder and re-evaluate thoughts. You could also request your readers to guest blog for your company. This will increase the number of people who read your posts.[/alert]

A proper social media strategy is essential to keep track of all customer grievances both the normal and the seriously menacing ones. Keeping your long-term and short-term plans organized is good for the company.

Few ways to get business loans effectively

Few ways to get business loans effectively

Presently, the job market is economically improving and a large number of entrepreneurs are emerging with new business plans everyday. Now people are willing to lend money to businessmen and even government is granting loans to everyone leniently. This is because the more number of businesses prosper the more jobs it will create for the citizens and ultimately improve the country’s growth rate. Thus there are new, yet difficult, hard-working and intelligent methods of increasing capital for a startup.

SBA that is Small Business Administration is a US government agency (partnered with many international governments) that provides moral and material support to small businesses in every aspect. They give free counseling to startups who need it and also provide information and tips so that they can borrow loans in the right way from lenders. SBA does not directly grant loans but act as guarantors if startups want to get loans. Nothing can be sweeter than a government guarantor.

Generally banks give out money to startups that have a success history behind them. However, when times are hard, both the larger banks and the smaller ones along with the local lenders get affected. The local banks and moneylenders are so hard hit that they give out money at lower rates and easier conditions just to keep their profession going.

Recheck your balance sheets, your financial statements and conditions before applying to any bankIf you think that continuous enquiries of your credit rolls and applying time after time to different banks will increase your chances of getting a loan then you are wrong. It only exposes your vulnerability. Recheck your balance sheets, your financial statements and conditions before applying to any bank. The banks want to lend money to startups that have maintained triumph for the past 3 years.

When you take any loan, always ensure that you will be able to pay back in some way or the other. Even if your business does not acquire enough money, be confident that you have personal assets that will take care of the loan.

Ultimately when one is applying for a loan, he will be asked many general questions such as the reason behind applying for the loan, whether there are other lenders that he has taken money from, how will he repay back, etc. Answer all questions honestly and make sure you are prepared with all the answers.

[alert style=”green”]Lenders are willing to lend money if they see prospect in you. Maintain a success rate, keep your personal assets safe and acquiring capital will no more be a big issue.[/alert]

Microlancer – Fast and affordable digital services

Microlancer - Fast and affordable digital services

Internet has made a wonderful path for the enthusiastic people to get work easily and without any worries. There are many clients who need certain work to be done and the freelancers apply to serve these clients. Microlancer made this wonderful concept of connecting freelancers with their clients simpler.

Microlancer was founded in April 2013 with one immediate motive to give freelancers a platform through which they can meet and serve clients who need their services. Being an extremely transparent and hassle-free process, it has received good response from everyone alike. It brings forth a wide range of digital service to choose from such as branding, business card design, photo editing and retouching, blog and website enrichment and social media graphics.

This site not only connects the clients with their providers but also give the service providers enough freewill and autonomy to give service on their own terms. Complex services such as website customization is also provided. Microlancer’s built-in messaging system is a wonderful method of communication between the clients and the freelancers.

The messaging system helps the providers work on the given project with proper feedback from the clients. These are not the only ways in which Microlancer maintains transparency in its business model. The payment options are clear-cut on both the sides. The freelancers set the price of the service but there is a limit to each pricing to maintain healthy competition between the service providers. Also when a project is assigned by a client, he pays the price to Microlancer, who keep the money with themselves until the assigned task has been completed. This ensures that the money is paid only when the work is done thus, keeping both the client and the provider happy.


A contract is given by the client that states his requirement, the price, the deadline for submission and the allowed number of reviews the client is willing to do. This keeps everything simple and clear in front of the freelancer. Microlancer also provides the clients an option of previewing the work. This keeps them updated on the work being done.

Microlancer Digital Services is the true example of transparent business. It makes a complicated process simple and effective and maintains the proper relationship between the client and the provider.

The Do’s and Dont’s for your startup’s Twitter account

The Dos and Donts for your startup's Twitter account

Social media is being used by an enormous number of entrepreneurs to promote and keep in constant touch with their clients. Twitter is one of such prominently used social networking sites. Although many might think that using Twitter for businesses is not a big deal but honestly, there are a few dos and don’ts to be kept in mind and followed when using this form of social media. After all you don’t want to lose your followers.

The Do’s

Search and follow already existing and reputed Twitter accounts. Now their followers will be able to see and retweet your informations. In this manner you are getting new followers and creating a chain of prospective clients. The more new people you reach out to the better it is for your business.

Most of the entrepreneurs think that a one-way advertising mode of communication with the clients is enough. But frankly, it isn’t enough. Your customers would also want to express their opinions. Twitter allows this facility. You can post tweets and your clients can comment, ask questions as well as retweet them. If you wish to you can even ask for feedback.

Use your company’s logo, description, taglines and genuine color palettes for creating the Twitter account. This will make your followers feel that they are actually contacting with the real company. While putting up any details keep in mind that the branding should convey to the people. Let the entire process be smooth and transparent.

Consistency is an added quality in every profession. When you are posting anything on Twitter it is expected that the posts will be coming in a consistent fashion. Therefore, make a habit of displaying new posts in a regular interval of time. There are readymade applications that allow one to pre-schedule tweets from beforehand.

Hire a person to manage the Twitter account of your startup. This will ensure efficient functioning of the account. Proper regular posts will be updated and you can also keep track of customer feedback in a smooth manner.

The Dont’s

Do not make your Twitter account a base for advertising only. Post relevant information, fun facts, ideas that will interest your readers and make them wonder. Your probable clients will be happy and engaged with your posts and will read your advertisements as well.

Do not go ‘Over The Top’ with the newest feature of Twitter, hashtags. Hashtags help users search easily on any related topic. And if used too many times then it can ruin the motive of it. Try using less than two hashtags preferably.

Give your complete information in the Twitter profile. This is vital for any person to contact you. Provide all the contact details, all information related to your company. This will help in making your readers have complete faith in you.

In case you are posting a particular content taken from some other website or source. Make sure you give proper credit to the original piece or you might have to face the wrath and mistrust of your readers. They will no more believe in you.

When you have just created your account do not fret over the number of followers you have. It is important to tweet quality stuff so that the few number of people who follow you can read interesting things and can later retweet them which in turn will increase your followers.

Following these tips will help you in creating proper exposure for your startup. #TryThem

Methods of acquiring capital for your startup

Methods of acquiring capital for your startup

When one is starting a business the constant need for capital is unavoidable. There are various different forms of acquiring the capital for a startup and every method has its advantages as well as disadvantages. So instead of worrying yourself and becoming indecisive, as to which method would be appropriate to gather money for starting your own company, go through the brief overview of each procedure and decide the right one for your business.

Bootstrapping and obtaining capital for startups have been a long proved and tested method by many reputed startup founders. This method makes you independent of the opinions of investors. You can use whatever little resource you have to take your business to the next higher step. Use your personal savings or home-equity loans and do everything possible on your part to fulfill your long desired dream.

Government grants are a very secured way of getting your startup foundation money. Government grants money to startups for their due market research and to execute their business plan. The only condition provided is that the owners must depict that their plans will finally conclude in producing proper services or goods that can be released in the market. There are risks too. Generally you would have to work under a restricted timeline and show effective results by the end of the deadline. If you are unable to achieve the expected result then a form of fine needs to be paid. However, if you have met the expectations then government grants are not essential to be repaid.

Borrowing money from friends or family is also a good option since such informal terms of getting capital has many advantages. There is negligible rate of interest on the borrowed amount. And most importantly there is no last date to repay back the amount. You can take as much time you need to finish your work and execute your plan and then return the money as and when possible. However when money is mixed with blood, love flies out of the window. You might ultimately get strained relationships and relatives who are interfering into your business too much just because they have paid for it. Annoying, right?

[alert style=”green”]Angel investors and venture capitalists invest in new businesses where they see potential for growth and success. They own about 10-50% stake of the company and provide capital for the startups. You can arrange meetings with angel investors or VCs via Angel Clubs, Open Angel Forums, etc. The only disadvantage is the entire process is a little slow.[/alert]

Many a times customers are willing to provide capital for a business in exchange for customization or discounts at the cost price of products. This is a very good way of acquiring capital. You can offer exciting offers such as free services for a year or so. This in turn brings more investors in the view because the investors have witnessed immense customer support.

Social lending is a new procedure that is slowly gaining approval. Two individuals set their own respective terms and website or any other medium acts as the intermediary. All such loans are unsecured for three years.

Crowdfunding is a nice and innovative method, wherein a large number of people contribute small amount of money to a venture. It doesn’t give away any equity amount and there is no need to return back the money.

Tips for improving every aspect of your startup – Building a strong foundation

Tips for improving every aspect of your startup - Building a strong foundation

Every startup, whether in the initial stage or the smooth running environment needs to be checked, re-evaluated and developed to an even better position. Gradual evolution and improvement marks the path of success for companies. The following few tips will help you get acquainted with the features that need to be implemented or worked upon to make your company grow.

The location of your company is prime. All your customers must know where it is situated and for that purpose rent suites at prominent parts of the city. If that is not possible, then make sure you add large, eye-catching and attractive billboards or hoardings that will grab people’s attention and allow them to know the location where you are available.

The hiring and the firing process have to be reassessed. When hiring new employees make sure that you have considered every detail of the position and the person’s qualities and abilities because you definitely do not wish to waste time and money training the wrong person. Your startup’s progress belongs to the merit of your employees. Also if you find that you need to vacate a post because the employee is not eligible to continue anymore, fire him as quickly as possible. This will hasten your work culture.

[alert style=”green”]The team behind a startup is of utmost value. As an owner of the company it is your duty to inspire and motivate your team. Help them be the best and only then your company’s growth rate will increase. Provide your employees for further education. This will strengthen their knowledge base and skills and they will be able to give in more input to work. Ensure that your employees are given the right equipments and resources to complete their job properly.[/alert]

Keeping track of every activity and the output it provided is extremely necessary. Many activities if done repeatedly lead to triumph. In sales department, you must see a client for at least 8 times. These 8 times you slowly build a relationship with the client and finally you are able to sell your service or product. To track the entire process of your company and to measure each step, maintaining an activity record is a great idea.

A company needs to always keep in mind that ethics and values must never be compromised for the sake of money and achievements. No matter what happens, always convey the truth to your customers. Don’t hide any vital information from them. Honesty always has its rewards. Your clients will value you and your reputation will grow.

Excellence is a wonderful quality. One must strive to excel in the smallest of tasks, as all these small tasks will build the larger purpose of the startup. When talking over the phone to a client, make sure he feels special and valued. Meet all the demands and answer every question with patience. Every operation needs to be carried out by staying at the best position in the battlefield.

The last and the important thing to ensure is that try to be unique. Offer your clients what other companies have not been able to provide. Be one step ahead of your competitors. Give your clients what they don’t get anywhere else. They will love your company and embrace your services with a happy face.

Just Eat – India’s largest online food portal

Just Eat - India's largest online food portal

The conventional method of going to a restaurant, waiting in a queue to book a table or calling up the restaurant during its peak hours to order your favorite dishes only to be replied in a hurried nonchalant manner is slowly dissolving in thin air. It is giving way to digitized and online methods, which are being used by almost everyone in the country. JustEat is such an online food ordering and table reservation portal.

Foodies like us who are extremely busy and cannot find time to make a call or wait for hours to retrieve a menu and place orders will definitely like the options provided by JustEat. It is a one-click ordering system, which is presently offering services along with 2500 restaurants, 52 cuisines and 3 lakh dishes. The headquarters of JustEat is situated in Bangalore and there are branches in Mumbai, Delhi and other smaller cities. There are 3.5 lakh registered users of this reputed portal.

Just Eat – India’s largest online food portal

So why exactly are people relying on this online food portal. The reasons are clear and simple. No one likes waiting endlessly to place orders or book tables in restaurants. Ordering via JustEat is faster and easier. When placing orders via telephones there is no menu available in front of us. There are chances of making hasty and erroneous orders. JustEat ensures that all the update versions of every restaurant’s menu is available online and reduces the chances of making any mistake while placing orders. The best thing is that even before visiting a restaurant you will get to know what others, who have been there, think about it. You can check the reviews and ratings of each restaurant. Also JustEat gives enormous chances of discounts and loyalty rewards to its clients. Considering every aspect, JustEat only makes you a winner while you are “just eating”.

The procedure of placing an order is extremely basic. Choose whether you wish to order food or book a table. Once you have selected your preference you will be asked to choose the restaurant, this can be filtered as per various options. Suppose you are ordering food then you may go forward and choose the dishes of your choice and the quantity that you want. The entire order details are displayed clearly. If you want then you might add any personalized instruction such as “Do not add peanuts or pepperoni”. Next comes the choice of delivery type “Home delivery” or “Pickup Order”. You can either pay online or choose the mode of Cash on Delivery. Do not forget to give your contact details. Also mention if you have any voucher code as that will fetch you discount on the total billing amount.

Ritesh Dwivedy, CEO founded JustEat on July 26, 2006. And in just a few years it has achieved the stage of being the sole market dominator in the sphere of online food ordering trade. Recently JustEat has been launched on Android, iPhone and Windows 8 platforms. It has expanded in countries like Canada, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Brazil, etc. The parent company is situated in United Kingdom.

So foodies grab the best offers and save yourself time and worry and “Just Eat”.

Crowdsourced Funding – Few things to be kept in mind

Crowdsourced Funding - Few things to be kept in mind

Previously the main worry for startups was the funding issue. But websites like Kickstarter has solved all such troubles by discovering ways for founders with brilliant ideas to set up their startup using proper funds. Generally banks and Venture Capitalists are something founders tend to avoid and many of them embrace Crowdsourced Funding. However it is important to know that crowdfunding comes with its own risks. Therefore what one needs to do before acquiring money through crowdfunding is researching on few practical details.

You, being the founder of your startup, are legally liable to it. You need to protect your property legally before you acquire investments from probable investors. Secure your personal assets, as founders are liable to both investors as well as IRS. Classify your idea as LLC (Limited Liability Company). This ensures that your enterprise has a legal liability and the entire profit amount goes only to you. You, as the founder, will be responsible solely for the taxes and not the debit of your company. You will be able to request for an Employer ID number with IRS and also create a Business account for your startup.

Taxes are the most crucial part that must not be ignored in any way. Although the funds attained by crowdsourced funding is considered mainly to be donations, a particular tax amount will still be applicable. Many websites provide information for accountants to solve their queries regarding paper submission to IRS. Whenever 20,000 dollars or more are sent, received or routed, 1099-K form needs to be filled and submitted. This standard procedure must be kept in mind all the time. The best you can do to save yourself worries is to hire a tax specialist.

If you were crowdfunding it would mean that your idea would come under the spotlight. Not only will the investors take note of it, but also the competitors in the market will observe and analyze your services. The Copyright Act protects your idea to the maximum extent. However, just to be on the safer side, appoint a lawyer who can take care of all the legal sides and protect your intellectual property.

Be in constant touch with your investors as communication is very important in building a healthy relationship. At every stage of your product development keep your investors informed. Let them know all that is happening in your enterprise. This will not only get them enthusiastic but also inform them of the problems you are facing and the reason why you are unable to deliver within the deadline. Making regular conversation with the investors will make them feel personally involved with the process.

Give minute attention to every nook and corner of your venture and get rid of all troubles points. In no time you will reach that spot where you will be enjoying the benefits and triumphs of your startup.

Every startup needs a mission statement

Every startup needs a mission statement

Every business, whether small or large, has a mission in mind. However when the mission is not implemented in writing and is not displayed to everyone it serves no purpose. Therefore, for every startup it is important to maintain a mission statement.

[alert style=”green”]The purpose that a mission statement serves is immense and crucial. A mission statement states in a brief way everything your startup is about. It also states the business policy and clearly affirms the goals and destinations of your startup. The mission statement will spell out your target clients and display the type of product or service you have to offer. Most importantly the statement will tell others in which way your company is unique.[/alert]

So what should a mission statement contain? A mission should be brief but full of power. It should basically describe the purpose or motive of your startup. It must contain the description of the consumers you want to cater to. It is necessary to use words that will leave a drastic and long-lasting impression in the minds of the readers. To add more punch use dynamic active words. The entire statement must suffice in maximum three to four sentences. The smaller and concise it is the better the message is delivered.

The mission statement must be right in front of the eyes of both the clients as well as the employees. Post it on websites, print it on business cards, display it in office, email signature lines, etc. The reason behind this is that every one must be able to see your business mission.

However a stale and old mission statement is next to useless. The same way companies evolve as per their customer’s needs, their business mission needs to evolve and alter too. Going on rechecking and altering the mission statement on a regular time period is a great idea. An active mission statement is the best way to communicate to your clients. If necessary, take suggestions to reconsider your mission statement.

How to be sure of office love birds – Usual signs of knowing about office affairs

How to be sure of office love birds - Usual signs of knowing about office affairs

There are a few telltale signs to confirm whether two of your employees are actually having an affair or not. So instead of believing the rumors, ensure that you know the right thing by assessing the signs.

  • A and B avoid eye contact with each other. You find A blushing when B is around. B gets pale and nervous with A sitting next to him. Thus both your employees have suddenly become shy to converse with each other.
  • A and B never ever leave the office at the same time. More strangely they make a point of letting everyone know that they are leaving at different times.
  • They are spending more time than necessary at the office. These are the first two people to volunteer for overtime work. They are the first to arrive in the office and among the last to leave. It seems like their entire life revolves around the office.
  • When you come across them you feel like you are interrupting a very private conversation and you feel awkward and strange around them. They seem to have watched the same movies, read the same books and they are almost always found exchanging knowing glances that no one else can follow.
  • They are always found at the same location together. If you wish to find A, you can look for B because both of them will be found with each other. Embarrassingly you have noted that they are found developing wardrobe malfunction by the end of the working day. They are even found at outside restaurants discussing “strategy”.
  • B is found defending A’s argument rather stupidly in conferences and meetings.
  • Coincidentally both A and B seem to go on vacations around the same time and they fall sick on the same days too. If asked about their vacation they give improper and non-substantial answers.
  • Their tastes have changed drastically. A has developed a liking towards B’s favorite football team and B is all of a sudden watching A’s favorite shows. They seem to like and do what the other liked and did.
  • They are suddenly in perfect shape. A is giving more time in dressing up and comes to office completely tended. B has started jogging to stay fit. Then they join the same gymnasium too.
  • Their office doors are always found closed. Now every file or important paper is passed from beneath the door as the door is locked too. A and B are meeting up a lot behind doors and strange giggles and noises can be heard from outside.
  • Both of them are disappearing at the same time from office parties and events and can’t be found till the end of it.
  • Although A and B live at the opposite ends of the city they travel to office together. But surprisingly A drops B two blocks away from the office building. What could be the reason behind that?
  • Nowadays none of the two employees are doing their work properly. The project submission deadline is continuously getting increased and they are not getting any work done.

The above signs seem similar to what you have been noticing since the past few months. Rest assured. You are soon receiving a wedding card that says “A and B requests your gracious presence on their wedding ceremony”. Smile and attend it. Love blooms in schools, colleges as well as offices.

DigiBroc – Marking an era of spreading digital brochures

DigiBroc – Marking an era of spreading digital brochures

Companies waste tons of paper and money in printing brochures, pamphlets and data sheets. These sheets ultimately find their way to the waste paper basket in the offices or their customers’ houses. Exhibitors do not achieve the result they desire and end up spending their funds and time uselessly. Versant Online Solutions has brought an endless solution to this problematic situation by introducing DigiBroc.

DigiBroc – Marking an era of spreading digital brochuresDigiBroc has been created with one motive in mind- to bring a change in the methods of distribution of product details, company information and other collaterals by the exhibitors among the clients. Previously this information was passed on in the form of printed material such as pamphlets, handouts, etc. The rates of printing and distributing such materials were sky-high. And when the handouts did not serve their purpose it made the entrepreneurs more agitated.

The basic procedure of using DigiBroc is extremely simple. Just sign up with them by providing some basic information about yourself (You can also sign up using your twitter or facebook account). Upload the necessary brochures or sales collaterals that you want to distribute. Next you will be able to acquire requests from leads efficiently and reply to them on an immediate time range.

DigiBroc provides two subscription plans, one Basic and the other Professional. In the Basic plan you need to pay only $49 per month and you get immense facilities. You will be able to upload 3 collaterals, get instant tracking reports and the plan is valid up to 12 months. The Professional plan comes for $99 per month, wherein you can upload up to 10 collaterals and receive instant tracking report. The plan is applicable up to 18 months.

DigiBroc – Marking an era of spreading digital brochures

DigiBroc is doing the work of transporting brochures and catalogs to clients after customizing the information in the manuals. The entire venture is formed to help you in reducing your startup production cost by decreasing the printing charges and also ensuring your target clients go through the information related to their requirement.

Think big and make it large

Think big and make it large

Dreaming is a good habit but making it come true needs a real management. Starting up a new business can be a tough job. Financing one’s own project looks tempting initially but in reality it requires high level of ordeals. Facebook and Dell have done their bit in influencing many youngsters for startups. Benefits of bootstrapping , investment strategies and their mode of recycling investments have made these facebook and dell poster children.

[alert style=”white”]Commencing a business needs a great deal of hard work,brain whacking business tactics and a notable sacrifice from personal spending. These all together helps one to get the most from a tight budget.[/alert]

Here are 4 ways to extract most of a tight budget!

Think big and make it largeAsking for startup discount

Every person has a belief that their company has a cash cow potential.So use up this belief to convince other companies to provide with support services and ideas in order to make some cash and get some conceptions about the competition.

Asking for discounts do help to evaluate the companies’ ideals and helps to gain knowledge about the what kind of people they work with. So be at others help and get a return from banks and other service providers.

The worst thing asking for discount may cost is lowering of pride but to startups to do something big it’s essential to give up the egos but the positive part of this is it will be helpful in learning whom you are giving in business to.

Think big and make it largeTaking charge of accounting

Starting a new business tempts to hire an accountant but most of the startups land up with a low budget undergraduate finance classes which carve a nuisance for them. So its better to do self accounting. To get further assistance Quick Books,some project management tool or Base Camps can prove to be a boon.

Think big and make it largeFriend source

Instead of using your friend,use their resource. Walk up to your big tech friends-ask them for tickets to conferences and who knows when you hit a lottery.This might bring a scope to enhance your business. Friends can be goldmine,so extract the best out of them.

Be your own P.R and Tech TeamBe your own P.R and Tech Team

In this era of SEO and Word Press its wise to hire a ‘tech’ guy with secondary background. It will be helpful and cost effective. The ‘tech’ guy will help to build a site using inexpensive resource like Word Press. Be sure that the person gets some marketing experience.

The basic plot is if you are capable of single handling then do it or if not shop and bargain and get the best out of it. After All,entrepreneurship is equivalent to risk. Take chances,manage properly and hit the show.

Get acquainted with the common mistakes startups make

Get acquainted with the common mistakes startups make

Establishing a venture for the very first time is a difficult and learning process. Especially when you know nothing about the trade and you are completely unaware of the tiny little aspects of entrepreneurship. In such a situation you need to follow strict laws and regulations that will guide throughout your journey and help you sell better products or give better service. To do this successfully one needs to be aware of the common mistakes that founders make while starting their ventures. Once you are familiarized with the flaws you can ensure that you do not repeat.

The most grievous mistake that can be made is, not knowing the reason behind the creation of a startup. Find out the purpose behind your startup. Is it because you want to contribute in some way to the benefit of the society? Or may be you want to be independent financially and do something of your own. Whatever reason be it, you must make it a strong stand so that you don’t seem to be ghost working and be aimless. Always remember one mantra for startups “Failure is never an option”.

Get acquainted with the common mistakes startups makeIt is foolish to be too confident about the capital. Don’t presume that the bank will grant loans on an immediate scale. Banks tend to avoid giving loans to new entrepreneurs without any previous trade experience. If you are apprehensive about self-funding then borrow money. There are various community banks that readily grant loans to self-employed people. The only point to be kept in mind is that you need to mention your security such as house, car, shares in the market, etc. If you are unable to pay back the money, then the bank has every right to acquire the security items. The best way out of this issue is to consult an expert financial consultant and do all the economy planning accordingly.

[alert style=”white”]It is extremely wrong to believe that your probable clients will find you of their own and will wish to try your products. Since you already know the customers you are targeting at, spend valuable moments with them in assessing their needs and revealing to them how your product can satisfy those needs. It is your responsibility to make your customers step out of their regular market arena and experience the usability of your services.[/alert]

Strategize your exit plan from beforehand. This is because every product has a shelf life. Once it is crossed you can’t extract any more juice out of it. Neither can you sell the startup rights of a failed venture. Investors are energized if the founders have similar insights to them. Founders must know what is the correct time to wrap it all up and start with a different idea.

There will be instances when your business will be in the dark and there will be bleak chances of success. It is up to you to find out what to do next that will work both for you as well as your startup.

Reload_Code Hackathon – Rebuilding Uttarakhand

Reload_Code Hackathon – Rebuilding Uttarakhand

Are you a coder, a developer or simply an enthusiast with a mind-blowing idea? Do you want to contribute in some way or the other to the victims of national disasters? Are you willing to attend a 12-hour workshop that will help you combine your technical knowledge with your humane desires? Google developers and a few enthusiastic startups have brought an amazing opportunity to you in the form of Hackathon- Reload.

Reload_Code Hackathon – Rebuilding UttarakhandReload_<code for Uttarakhand> is 12-hour workshop to be organized in three metropolitan cities Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore on the 11th of August 2013, Sunday. Its main purpose of inception is to encourage the methods of uniting web and mobile applications along with the relief and rehabilitation camps in Uttarakhand. This is a wonderful way of learning how to use one’s skills and contribute in some form or the other during national catastrophes.

The hackathon has free entry and everyone is welcome to attend it, although one needs to register first. It will be held from 9am in the morning to 10pm at night. Reload is being arranged by not only the Google developers group but also Weekend Ventures in partnership with Jaaga from Bangalore, 91Springboard in Delhi and The Playce, a co-working space in Mumbai. Now it is time to use your developing and coding expertise to proper use.

The things that one can bring are laptops or iPhones although these are not compulsory. You definitely need to carry a photo identity proof that can be anything from a driver’s license to passport. Don’t forget to bring your friends with you. The more the merrier! Ideators or people with crazy yet substantial ideas can submit their ideas for mobile and web applications at the Idea Box. The developers can work on these ideas or on their own ideas. They can also form teams and work jointly.

[alert style=”green”]The non-technical people need not be discouraged at all. They can participate too and contribute to Uttarakhand’s tragedy. You can assist in forming and executing relief and rehabilitation camps in Uttarakhand. So one can help in any manner they wish to.[/alert]

Team Reload is extending itself to help and encourage hackers by providing them prizes and incentives  at the end of the day to the top 3 teams. The prizes are endorsed by the respective sponsors. This is a good chance to put your skills into non-commercial and supportive use when there is a drastic demand from the victims of the national calamity.