Storytelling has become a crucial aspect of marketing

Storytelling has become a part of marketing

Amanda Palmer told her story using Kickstarter and raised $1.2 million dollars for her music aspiration. And surprisingly, she is not the only one. There are millions who are selling their products, ideas, and apps by telling their stories.

Storytelling has influenced the marketing and advertising world greatly. Every idea told in the form of a story sells better than just the facts. Good stories have the ability to make us think, ponder, decide, argue, reason and see everything that we normally couldn’t have seen. Stories when nicely told are more effective than charts and graphs and lengthy figures.

Kickstarter has amazingly brought back the trend of storytelling and has made it a heart-touching experience for all the users throughout the world. Every project needs to submit a video telling the story behind it as to why and how the project came into existence and the purpose it would serve. This is what makes Kickstarter even more unique.

Storytelling has become a part of marketing

A unique way of telling story is an art and the present times require it. As the world is becoming more and more digitalized, the need to hear the story behind a company or an idea is increasing. People want something that will help them connect with the real world. They are unaware of your marketing strategy, sales growth, newest features added in your products the first time they come across your company. But the thing that they will notice the first time you interact with the visitors is the story that you have to tell.

Brands are nowadays built on the art of storytelling. Almost every company uses content in their website or marketing method. Therefore, it is highly important that the content needs to be of the best quality to catch people’s attention. This art is not only important to businesses but also individuals. Employed individuals or freelancers, both require carving a space in the minds of their employers. If you can tell a good, honest story in the most attractive way then you are sure to guarantee yourself a place in the global job market.

Great personalities excel in what they do because they know that the way you tell a fact is more essential than what the fact is. Most religious philosophers gave amazing lessons in life by telling stories. They knew that stories make presentations more convincing, make thoughts stick in your minds and creates a lasting impact.

Therefore, to be the best in what we do we need to tell the best stories too. And the more we practice the better we get in it.