Imgembed – Track your online images, and set permissions for every website using them

Imgembed – Track your online images, and set permissions for every website using them

Plagiarism or the unfair means of copying someone else’s content has become unavoidable and is an act against which punitive measure should be taken. All of us at some point of time in life have encountered such an unfortunate event. Internet has brought with it several redundancies which further give the people the advantage of creating an online crime either intentional or accidental. There are umpteen apps or startups that help you detect plagiarism and have proved competent enough to unmask various unfair means of duping.

Wouldn’t it be noteworthy if you are able to track and set up a price for anyone using your images? Imgembed is one such online platform that promotes the impartial use of images. Launched by Creative Finder, it lets the creators of the images track wherever their images are being used online. They can also set permissions to view their images for every website using them and can coin images by setting CPM pricing. Start by logging in and entering your name, discipline and location so that you appear on the results whenever anyone searches for your name or location. Upload multifarious pictures using the ‘Quick upload and tag’ option under the ‘Navigate Tab’. Stuff your gallery by uploading images and share them with your contacts via the send invites button or by using different social sharing options. Expand your follower count by following people whose work inspires you.

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Creators of the images gain recognition as the images are auto-attributed with the owners name. This further helps them gain popularity and spread word of mouth about their creation. It is absolutely free to use though they take a 30% cut when the creators manage to earn money by setting CPM pricing. Imgembed serves all image creators, including non-professionals. They can also keep a track on the number of views on their images and price them accordingly. The users, on the other hand, can abstain from indulging in unfair means of stealing by promoting the creators when using their images online. However, charges are applied only in what was being used.

Imgembed is an affluent platform for both the users and the creators since it has an easy to use interface and is accessible to one and all. Create galleries and connect with people simultaneously keeping your content protected.