Iconbench – Start customizing your icons in minutes


Wondering what the effect of a well-designed app icon will have on your app sales? You may be surprised to know that it’s actually hugely important.

Oh yes, it may not be the wisest idea to judge a book by its cover, but that’s what most users are doing when they purchase applications from iTunes or Google Play marketplace. Because really, that 57 by 57 pixel area is all you get to convincingly sell your app besides a short description (and an extra compelling, action-packed screenshot). Ever wonder why certain, seemingly obscure games just seem to explode into popularity out of nowhere? It’s likely partly because of an impressive icon design.

Walking through the same direction, I came across Iconbench, a web based platform that provides you with self styled icons. It enables you, as a user, to select from a wide palate of miniature graphic symbols and then try the customization option to creatively shade and shadow these icons with colors and special effects.

You can also download the icons up to a plate of twenty and here it gets better, for no charge and in multiple formats. The wide ranges of these icons, for sure, help you enhance your apps.

Iconbench Interface

Ultimately, finding a way to distinguish your app from the more than thousand different app icons out there is difficult, but it’s really the only way to get a sell. Emphasize your app’s uniqueness as much as possible by adding your dimensions, shadowing, and shine manually for a tailor-made effect.

So go ahead and style an icon for yourself. A styling instrument and your creative taste together at work, sounds exciting with Iconbench.