Determining the ‘right’ candidate for your startup

Determining the 'right' candidate for your small business

It is needless to say that hiring employees for your business is a boring and time-consuming process. However, when you need an extra assistance to meet your target effectively, you have got to get some good employees. Do not get carried away by the first impression! Here are some suggestions so that you can choose the best candidate for small business or your upcoming project.

Test their skills do not trust the word of mouth

Test their skills do not trust the word of mouthAfter the first round of selection, you should ask the chosen candidates to perform a trial task. The objective behind trial task is not getting a task done free of cost, but it is an initial test of their task, how they would perform if hired. What would be their actual score, when they have a target to achieve? You can also determine who can take instant decisions on board by the aid of this trial task. For example, if you are to hire a manager of partnerships, you might ask them to: choose three new organizations that would be beneficial for your business or to demonstrate how they would approach these organizations initially. It is more effective if they can demonstrate you rather than just telling.

It is advisable to select the task carefully, something that requires at least two/three hours and accustomed with proper tools, networks and knowledge about the field. It is also vital to test their resources closely. The candidates are free to ask questions on the trial projects, and this way you can analyze and evaluate the trial task and candidate’s potential in minutes. Additionally, you can determine the performance capability of each candidate neatly and find the determined, self-motivated ones who can achieve their goals and generate revenue for your business.

Get the details of their previous work experience

Get the details of their previous work experienceSituational questions are pretty common amongst the employers. These tend to offer you an insight into the thoughts of the candidate, and his reactions about adverse situations. What most of them forget are the simple background details of the candidate that actually convey their abilities. Asking the following questions about their previous jobs might help you to figure out the actual reality of your shortlisted candidates:

1. What was their role in the previous organization?
2. The resources they had while working on the project.
3. What were the adversities they had to overcome in order to achieve target?
4. What were their achievements?
5. Why did they leave the job?

Even though this might appear to be boring, and time consuming, it will actually reward you in future. Instead of imagining about their past job experience, get the detailed information.

Be steady in the selection process

Be steady in the selection processThe interview process must be steady and balanced for all the candidates. The questions to be asked on board must be chosen carefully, and after consulting with others in case you are confused. After deciding the questionnaire, there must be qualitative specifications so that it becomes easier for the interviewer to mark each candidate consistently.

Once you have chosen the finalists, it is best recommended to have your entire team or at least majority of your team members on interview board. Provide specifications to your team members, exclusive questionnaires so that the candidates do not have to answer repetitive questions on and on. This is the best time to determine the potential of the candidate.

Avoid being too much enthusiastic

Avoid being too much enthusiasticThe most common mistake among the HR managers is being too much enthusiastic once they find a relatively better candidate. Thus, they often forget to cross check whether this person really has the potentials and the background required for this job. Thus, they often ask futile and meaningless questions when they are eager to hire. Asking tough questions and daunting tricks doesn’t help much either.

[alert style=”green”] All you need is to be steady, cool and balanced. Keep your head calm, analyze and evaluate each candidate thoroughly by taking ample time, only then you can determine the best candidate for your business![/alert]