Reamaze – Simple Helpdesk for small businesses

Reamaze – Simple Helpdesk for small businesses

When you run your own website or a startup, the tricky part is providing constant desk support. Since social media marketing has become increasingly integrated in all nuances of work process, it becomes a tiresome task to keep towing the line of ‘instant reply’. Reciprocating to queries arising from different sources calls for logging into various apps, which is predominantly time consuming.

Reamaze is a tool that is revamping customer support processes and mechanisms. It is the final storage destination of all the mails that are posted on your website irrespective of their originating sources in a very convenient fashion; may it be mails, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Reamaze - Simple Helpdesk for Small Businesses

Replying to Facebook messages is easy right? So is the case with Reamaze.  All the queries appear in the inbox of your dashboard, which is presented as a conversation thread.

The free online tool has a pretty simple interface where you can easily keep control over your mails sorting it out by specific categories. You can even add, all of your teammates if you need more support.

The best thing about Reamaze is its provision of real time notifications that allows you to chose, when you are to be notified but the catch is that it is only in Beta now. Yet Reamaze is an out of box attempt to reorganize and reconstruct the technical support faction for small businesses.