The success of your startup is measured in happiness not dollars

The success of your startup is measured in happiness not dollars

When we were young and in school we could measure our achievements by the grades we got but once we grew up and got into the entrepreneurial career how exactly is our success graded? The number of users we have, the money we have earned or the satisfaction we achieved?

In Southern California’s startup panorama famously named Silicon Beach people launch startups to do something of their own and thereby attain mental peace. As we all know that money can’t definitely buy happiness. Their success is assessed by their own happiness and contentment. A study by Angus Deaton, economist of Stanford University, states that if a person has earned an amount say $50000 then even an extra dollar will in no way contribute to more happiness. Thus entrepreneurs need to find pleasure from every small instance and task of their business.

Are not you overjoyed when you are with your friends? It creates an aura of ease when we are with like-minded people. Being an entrepreneur you can create a group where people who share similar experience and thoughts to yours. There must not be any exchange of money among the members as that is not the motive behind the group. Discussion with other entrepreneurs will widen your viewpoints, help you resolve your flaws beforehand and make you more determined and decisive.

Your sense of time will not improve if you are devoting it completely to things related to yourself and your startup. Help others when they are in need as it will make you more comfortable with regard to time constrain. Be a mentor to the newbies, volunteer with advice and resources, show interest in what they have to offer and most importantly listen to them. Giving time to others will make you more at ease.

The success of your startup is measured in happiness not dollarsWithout goals it is difficult for anyone to survive especially if it is in the field of business. Entrepreneurs have large ultimate goals that they work hard to strive. But what it eventually does is make them tired and they forget to enjoy the little experiences of their work. Divide these larger goals into smaller ones, which can be achieved on a daily basis. These goals are not about how many investors you met or how many clients you emailed. Let these aims be about something other than the regular stuff. Achieve one objective per day. Satisfaction would come on its own.

The success of your startup is measured in happiness not dollarsGratification comes from gratefulness. Thank people who have done some unusual work for you. A small thank you note can bring a smile on anyone’s face. Send it via email or post and let your well-wishers know how helpful they have been and how special they are. This will automatically connect to your level of bliss. It will generate more optimism in you.

It is important to make oneself happy and to maintain that state on a permanent basis. Being happy is the key to success because it ultimately leads to a healthy, productive and prosperous life, which is much, more essential than thousands of dollars being stored in the bank.