– Create a mini version of yourself or loved one


Imagine having someone by your side who would listen to what you have to say without questioning or judging you. Someone who would give you company in times of sadness and despair. Someone who would never leave your side irrespective of the circumstances. Someone with similar likes and dislikes as yours. Someone who resembles you. Let me rephrase it; someone who’s a mirror image of yourself. Baffled? Introducing, a site that lets you design your very own personalized cardboard buddy! Isn’t this the epitome of total ingenuity? is a highly creative platform where you can bring into life the image of a loved one or yourself. Eliminating the use of glue or scissors, foldables are made to order using a blend of matt laminate cardboard and high grade inks. Weighing around 10g, with a height of approximately 8.5cm, these cardboard creatures are made with utmost precision and perfection. You will receive your foldable within 48 hours of ordering in a flat cardboard stock which you can further open, fold and assemble. - Meet your cardboard buddy

Don’t like long hair? Change it. You feel the color of the dress your foldable is wearing is not fashionable? Remove it. offers a 3D editor with endless options that will make your foldable stand out. Choose the foldable you want either male or female and decorate it as per your requirements. These little creatures can turn out to be exclusive gifts as well.

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Started with Kickstarter in march 2012, with its tiny, paper-made souls have come a long way in winning the attention of thousands of people. So what are you waiting for, head onto and create a mini version of yourself (or a friend) solely based on your preferences.