GigBasket – Helping you get your next dream job


Have you ever wondered why a job search is a complicated process? If only it can be as easy as shopping or pinning yummy photos on Pinterest – adding jobs to your cart or pinning them on your personal board for tracking. Or even better put yourself up for auction ala IPL style and let the employers bid for you. GigBasket is the way to go then.

GigBasket is an online service that helps you organize your job search. You can save job opportunities to GigBasket with one click from virtually anywhere on the web, track their progress, add interview information – the whole deal. Thus bringing order to an otherwise scattered process and thus making it less stressful.

This works well in tracking all the information at one place and remembering all the information. As most of our search is quite scattered with job information and names scattered on email, on our LinkedIn profiles, offline referrals and more.  The site lets you login with LinkedIn thus instantly making accessible your existing professional record. You can schedule job interviews in GigBasket and have them automatically placed on your calendar, which can be easily subscribed to on your phone or computer, making sure you don’t miss out on any interviews. The bookmarklet makes saving jobs as easy as click and drag.

The coolest features are gigbasket scanning your LinkedIn network to find 1st and 2nd level connections in the companies whose job opportunities you’re tracking and also the auction feature where you can create an anonymous auction on GigBasket with your skills and experience and let companies and recruiters bid on you. The design on the site is neat and the navigation is easy. And yes it’s free and secure.

Gigbasket still in beta phase is a silicon valley startup and Edmundas Balcikonis and Eugenijus Radlinskas are the brains behind this novel venture. So, if you’re looking out for jobs, I would strongly recommend GigBasket.