Giveter – An intelligent way to know right gifts for right friends


Confused what to give your best friend on her upcoming birthday? Turns out a lot of them face the same issue. We want our loved ones to feel special, by gifting them something they have always longed for on their special occasion, be it birthdays and anniversaries or New Year. But choosing gifts is difficult and at times make you want to bang your head against the wall. Giveter brings you an interesting solution and the art of buying perfect gift no longer remains a mystery.

Giveter is an online app that helps you to buy gift items for friends, by providing suggestions on what the person would like to get. A group of analysts come up with mind blogging ideas, based on three vital information:

  • Age of the recipient
  • Relationship that you share with the recipient
  • The occasion

Plus there are few additional options to help you make the gift more relevant:

  • Mood – As in what is your mood to gift your loved one. Which might range from – precious, personalized, funky or romantic.
  • Personality – This helps you select a gift based on the recipient’s personality or nature.
  • Price – Your budget – an important factor.

As to how they do it, the Giveter team prefers to keep their “$100 idea” a secret. Avinash Saxena, co-founder at Giveter, says “We have an in-house gifting aggregation team which cherry picks unique giftable products. Once the user finalizes a gift, presently we redirect the user to our partners, for payments. Currently we have a total of 2500 gifting option in different categories.”


What makes Giveter even more appealing is a connect with Facebook account option, with background synchronizing to find the recipient’s “Facebook likes”. This amazing feature helps you get the perfect gift for your loved one.

That’s not all, Giveter not only helps you get the correct suggestion but also helps buy them at reasonable prices, as it has business connections with most of the popular Indian merchandise brands, stores and vendors. This is indeed a good deal in terms of users getting amazing offers and combos.

Giveter also introduced a Zip-Gift feature, for the event of friendship day. “With e-addresses becoming more real than physical addresses, people will be able to send, receive and share gifts on Facebook. The pilot was carried out on Friendships day and 10,000 zip-gifts were sent within 36 hours!” says Mayank Bhangadia, another co-founder at Givetar.

What are you waiting for? Head onto Giveter and surprise your loved ones with that perfect gift they’d love to have.