Recommendsy – Helps you spread the word of mouth via recommendations


For a small business owner or a freelancer, it is very crucial to adopt an array of online marketing strategies, to popularize their brands or services across the global market. The primary factor is to drive traffic to your business website, and spreading the news of your organization, to arrest the gaze of potential customers. Nowadays, by using recommendations and reviews of your products and services, you can effectively drive more and more traffic to your web page. This may appear to be a hectic and time consuming task, but once you are done with it, you need to worry no more about fetching visitors for your web page.

Over the past few years, the social networking sites have played immense role in online marketing and popularizing brands or services. Looking at Facebook and Twitter itself, there are more than 800 million already existing users engaging themselves in liking a post, tweeting, sharing, posting, and much more throughout the day. If you are thinking how to make the opportunity of sharing testimonials or reviews about your services on these social sites, here we have probably the best solution: RECOMMENDSY.

Recommendsy is a free widget that provides your potential customers a platform to gather more information about your organization, products and online services and recommend them over Facebook and Twitter (pretty similar to the mobile app Mouthee). Likewise, if the existing customers are satisfied with your services, they can recommend it to their socially connected friends with a single-click. Signing up in Recommendsy is just a matter of few minutes. Thereafter you receive a code, which then can be pasted to your website to start the magic – Spreading the word like a wildfire!

RECOMMENDSY, the recommendation marketing tool

You can even set up a list of frequently asked questions along with answers and recommendations pertaining to your web page or products as default. There also exists a customization tool which helps you decide the position of the widget and select your favorite color shade to comply perfectly with the existing color patterns of your web page. Thus, you can use it yourself without any assistance from your developer. Isn’t that great?

Get your products recommended today by utilizing this free, fast and powerful tool!

Mouthee – Share and discover word of mouth recommendations

Every time, I check in some new app to get the best and true reviews about various POIs (Places of Interest), and think of trying out the one with maximum number of stars, or best rated, as you may say; it has always turned out to be a blunder. Had the same experiences? Well I can understand how it feels when you plan up something; and it turns out to be a mess.

Finally my search came to an end with Mouthee, a mobile app that helps you get real world recommendations not only for POIs but simply anything, be it a song, a book, a movie, a place, or a new recipe.

Hold on, did I tell you that Mouthee is not like those usual apps where you follow the ratings of strangers, no not at all, in fact all the recommendations sent to you, are by your friends and your very own contacts. This is done by combining various review sites and social networks, and bringing all of it to one place.

As soon as you log in, you start receiving recommendations at once on each and everything, on your activity feed. Just in case you want recommendations only on a specific item, then simply click on that particular unit, to fetch all the possible details about it.

Not to forget, as you get recommendations, you’re also welcome to make recommendations by simply hitting “Rec it”, Bingo! Other specifications and details is Mouthee’s super secret mechanism, to make sure that your recommendations are helpful to others.

Mouthee Dasboard

David Pritzker and Chad Silver, the longtime friends and founders of Mouthee, have now given a better way to get and give recommendations from friends without sifting through scores of Facebook walls, random Yelp reviews and those endless Twitter remarks. So, how about planning a perfect unforgettable date for your love, based on suggestions by your friends? Rec it!

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