CircleMe – An innovative social way to collect things you love and discover new ones

CircleMe – An innovative social way to collect things you love and discover new ones

Facebook helps you know more about your friends, similarly how would you find a tool that will specifically keep track of myriad world of yours and likes of those close to you. Life is eventful and fun when it is engaging and quirky.

CircleMe is an innovative social tool to sum up all your likes -things that makes you roll over with laughter or that deserves a clap. Cool innovations will never cease to surprise, so add on to your list of likes, while discovering new ones along the way through smart serendipity.

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Additionally, the platform helps you connect to like-minded and stay updated about changes in trends, share news, trade curated recommendations, track conversations and develop plans with their social circles.

The online app lets you import your favourites from other services and social networks. You can keep updating and re-organizing your library, adding and removing items as you wish, thus building an elegant collection of envy.


You can be in the circle of CircleMe in three ‘ quick-start’ steps; the first being your formal introduction to the mechanisms of CircleMe.  The second step take you closer where iconic visuals helps you prepare your to-do list and import data. The last is what I loved essentially. Adding my friends! You can add as many people you wish – people whom you want to discover and share more with.

The startup’s motto stands as ‘be what you like’. The concept is based on a very beautiful thought on which the team works.  The team says “Relationships between people change with time and they are also modulated by things we have in common”.