Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productive

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productive

Working as a freelancer has its benefits as well as disadvantages. Keeping a few points in mind would make this freelancing experience even better. You never know when the part-time freelancing hobby could get turned into full-time serious job.

Tips for budding freelancers - Start getting more productiveWake up on time everyday irrespective of the fact whether you have work or not. The point is to always be available to your prospective employers. What you will never want is that your employers will mail you and you would take a few hours to see the message and then reply. Being punctual is a very good habit.

Nurturing interest in more than one cultural aspect. This might help you get into more depth in that field or it can make you avoid the other topic that you are not so good in. It is extremely important to know what exactly our strengths are. Jumping from one subject to another creates new chances and opens new doors for a person.

[alert style=”white”]Important Tip: It is no use forcing yourself to complete work in a hurry. When there is time that can be afforded to think and wonder, also when inspiration can grow its roots, producing quality work gets easier. The more culturally informative you become, the better it is for the freelancing job.[/alert]

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productiveHanging around with people with the same work situation will boost your confidence. You will be able to discuss your problems, issues, and better way to solve them. There will be happiness to share too. The way you can work at your own sweet will and enjoy long hours of lunchtime is marvelous. Having a social group of freelancers to talk with will seriously be apt. However it is not enough to just have a group of friends, maintaining those friendships is essential. Do not bring in jealousy, over competitive attitude and do not ruin other’s reputation. This will only destroy relationships.

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productiveDo make a habit of reading comments. There will be many anonymous people who will right ill about you and your work. But believe me going through them will make you realize that you need to avoid such nameless and spineless opinions. Also you will learn how to hold your ground and reply to every comment that has been put your way. This will build your confidence. But there are few times when it is better not to read comments uselessly.

[alert style=”green”]Important Tip: Respecting your editor is vital. He has many more writers like you to deal with and many more issues in hand. Make it simpler for him by not arguing with him and listening to whatever correction he asks to make. Do not show him attitude and try and be patient with him. Believe me, the patience and good behavior will be returned gratuitously.[/alert]

Do not lose your grounds ever. Sometimes your editor would want to cut off your sentences ruthlessly, take advantage of your goodness and pay you late unreasonably. Stand up for yourself and fight for your rights.

There are many associations that do not pay to their writers and designers, neither do those freelancers ask for money. This is because it is a great learning experience for them. However, business organizations are capable of paying their freelancers and therefore, it is your right to ask for payment.

Many a times you will be developing friendly relations with your editors. This will give you a chance to publish your writings easily. However, do not make unnecessary and unreasonable requests. If the writing is not good your friend would not be willing to publish it because money and relationships are two different things.

You can buy business cards and hand it out to people who are not so socially active in Facebook or Twitter.

Remember one thing clearly, working as a freelancer does not give you the luxury of being engaged. You have to remain single because of your odd working hours and immense load of irregular work. After all, you do not want a partner always shouting at your ears. Instead of going to the coffee shop you can better utilize the time in writing two new topics.

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productiveIn spite of all work that has to be done, take timely breaks for eating, going out for a walk, treating your mind and body nicely. It is necessary to take care of oneself although there is a lot of work to do. Staying fit and healthy are the things that should never be sacrificed at the cost of work.

Promoting your professional life using social media is a great way of connecting with people. However, it is useless judging your work by the number of retweets or likes that your post has got. The writing will speak for itself and it does not need followers and reposts to prove that.

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productiveSince you are working from home you can make yourself comfortable in every way. Buy a proper desktop or laptop. Invest in creating a comfortable workspace in your house. Settle yourself snuggly and write with a calm mind.


[alert style=”grey”]Important Tip: Set little goals that you can cover. For example, target writing 2000 words articles at one go or writing for a big publication house, such targets can make a big contribution to your overall performance.[/alert]

Tips for budding freelancers – Start getting more productiveWriting is inspired greatly from reading. Therefore, read and read more. Read novels, short stories, philosophies, autobiographies, historical fictions, etc. The more you read, the more you know, and the more you will be able to produce it in pen and paper.

Keep the jealousy out of the picture. So what your best friend who is also a freelancer has been approached and hired by so and so companies. It is good to be desired but don’t caress your ego and think that you want to be the best for the moment. Keep in mind; your slow and progressive work will ultimately bear fruits in the long run.

The last but not the least important thing to bear in mind is staying positive throughout the professional time period. Helping out your fellow professionals is also a great way of staying optimistic and happy.