Microlancer – Fast and affordable digital services

Microlancer - Fast and affordable digital services

Internet has made a wonderful path for the enthusiastic people to get work easily and without any worries. There are many clients who need certain work to be done and the freelancers apply to serve these clients. Microlancer made this wonderful concept of connecting freelancers with their clients simpler.

Microlancer was founded in April 2013 with one immediate motive to give freelancers a platform through which they can meet and serve clients who need their services. Being an extremely transparent and hassle-free process, it has received good response from everyone alike. It brings forth a wide range of digital service to choose from such as branding, business card design, photo editing and retouching, blog and website enrichment and social media graphics.

This site not only connects the clients with their providers but also give the service providers enough freewill and autonomy to give service on their own terms. Complex services such as website customization is also provided. Microlancer’s built-in messaging system is a wonderful method of communication between the clients and the freelancers.

The messaging system helps the providers work on the given project with proper feedback from the clients. These are not the only ways in which Microlancer maintains transparency in its business model. The payment options are clear-cut on both the sides. The freelancers set the price of the service but there is a limit to each pricing to maintain healthy competition between the service providers. Also when a project is assigned by a client, he pays the price to Microlancer, who keep the money with themselves until the assigned task has been completed. This ensures that the money is paid only when the work is done thus, keeping both the client and the provider happy.


A contract is given by the client that states his requirement, the price, the deadline for submission and the allowed number of reviews the client is willing to do. This keeps everything simple and clear in front of the freelancer. Microlancer also provides the clients an option of previewing the work. This keeps them updated on the work being done.

Microlancer Digital Services is the true example of transparent business. It makes a complicated process simple and effective and maintains the proper relationship between the client and the provider.

Coworks – Helps you find not the best freelancers, but the right ones

Coworks – Helps you find not the best freelancers, but the right ones

Are you hunting for trustworthy and skilled freelancers? One in every ten person in today’s global workforce is a freelancer. Who would be more trustworthy than someone your friends already know and trusts. I recently stumbled upon an online platform that could get any creative job done by great freelancers (recommended by your friends).

Coworks, a Swedish startup, allows you to quickly access the freelancers suggested by the community. It gives a seamless feel of online collaboration and virtual meetings to get your job done, and also provides you with the option of hassle free online payment. Additionally, it fast-tracks your search time to find that perfect freelancer who can get things done. If you are looking for a credible freelancer then Coworks is the platform you must check out. This online app is not only perfect for the people searching for dependable freelancers but also the freelancers who are hunting for the jobs.

Looking at the core working style of a freelancer, it’s all about one’s personality (the skill sets) and quality (things to be delivered). And with Coworks, you get a chance to show your personality and skills by building a profile (with portfolios and skill sets), for both the freelancers and the clients. At the center of this vertical, the platform has built a promotional tool which gives freelancers great collateral space which they can utilize to build their network. It does not charge commission but provides membership plans for the clients.

Coworks Find Freelance Jobs Online - Find & Hire a recommended Freelancer Today!

There are two pricing plans provided to the clients. The Premium plan costs the clients $69 per month for unlimited jobs with no commission charged. Whereas the Standard plan is free to the clients with a limit of 5 jobs per month and 8% commission charged. Similarly, two plans are provided to the freelancers as well. The professional plan includes $49 per month with unlimited job proposals and weekly payout and zero percent commission. Whereas, the standard pricing plan provides the freelancers with 5 jobs, 10 proposals and a scheme of monthly payout with zero percent commission.

So, if you’re hunting for skilled freelancers – there is no need to search and wait for a reliable team member. Try out Coworks and build your team with dependable and talented freelancers.

Online product startups – Few things to know before you insource or outsource

Online product startups – Few things to know before you insource or outsource

Cost plays a major role in deciding whether to use personnel from within your team or to recruit freelance personnel. These are the main points to consider when selecting whether to ‘insource’ or ‘outsource’ your online product.

Skills: Is there sufficient expertise in-house, or do you need to recruit outside specialists?

Internal vs external costs: Can existing team members be used at no cost to the product development, or will internal re-charging apply? If so, how will these costs compare with employing contractors (freelancers)? Will your team be office based or virtual, and will this affect your decision?

Start-up: Assuming they have the necessary skills, it is likely that existing team members could get ‘up and running’ more easily, due to their knowledge of your startup’s procedures and culture, or would freelance team members familiarity with product development mean they adapt more quickly?

Commitment: Who would be more committed to the project: existing team members who understand the values of your startup and might want the chance to learn valuable extra skills, or freelancers, who want to enhance their professional reputation?

Learning: Will any new skills learnt or new process developed during the project be lost when the team is disbanded, if the if the team consisted chiefly of freelance contractors? Or is the plan for evaluating the project sufficiently robust to prevent this happening?

Intellectual property: Do your freelance contracts make clear that the copyright of any inventions or new business process developed during the project belongs to the organization rather than an individual?

Politics: If using an internally recruited team is the best approach, members will need to be seconded from their existing teams to work on your product. Do you know how will you negotiate this? Are there any foreseeable barriers to internal recruitment, and how would these be overcome?

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