Joota – Organize and share content on the web your way

Joota – Organize and share content on the web your way

The cyberspace is expansive and elaborate as it serves to the need of an array of users. Since more and more content is released every moment it becomes a necessity to have a mechanism to filter the content.

To ease the way through the sprawling content, Joota has come up with suave options to avail delectable data from a bandwidth of display which pops up when you enter something in the search bar. Joota is an online tool that efficiently helps you navigate through the overflow of data. It not only incredibly enhances your search results, saving time but increases the accuracy of the content as well.

Internet being an abundant vessel, all the content remains accessible, but at times when you need immediate resources, such vast subject matter might prove to be a hindrance than being accommodative. To aid this, Joota has launched ‘Jootlet’, a tool by which you can bookmark your pages and thus save the data that is in frequent use.

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The free application makes content sharing fun, trouble-free and interactive. Joota helps network your likes and makes ‘The Web’ – a place for you.

Run by an international dexterous team, Joota has an adroit sign up process which makes it user friendly. It gives you an option to categorize your taste as well as the option to fellow ‘Jooters’ to comment on it. The toolbar is fun and appealing at the same time is gist oriented. Give it a spin today, and share your thoughts on it.

JetZet – Plan your entire trip in a few simple steps

JetZet – Plan your entire trip in a few simple steps

Planning is an indispensable part of traveling. Planning and organizing a trip candidly takes all the stresses away from the trip and enables you to enjoy the vacation at the fullest. Adequate preparation is very crucial to organize flights, or car rents, reservation of hotels, and a host of other essentials. Besides, you also need to carry essential documents, and also plan your wardrobe accordingly.

It is much simpler to travel with an agency, as they will be organizing your entire trip, and caring for all your traveling needs. In case you are planning a trip singlehandedly, it could be hazardous. On the other hand it is not advisable to invest huge amount of money merely on travel agencies. You must be wandering what to do? Well, here is the ultimate solution of all your problems: JetZet.

JetZet has been designed especially frequent travelers to make it easier for them to plan and organize their entire trip in one single place. It operates in the similar manner like that of DiveeUp, in a few simple steps you are all set for your trip! Upload your entire travel plan directly via Outlook, Gmail or ICal calendars. JetZet then, offers you directions and shortcuts towards your destination in the fastest mode on the basis of your plans.

It is very vital to travel and share your experience with the right people if you want to avoid future hazards. With JetZet Circles you can now share your trip with anybody and have the complete control over the entire expense.

SubjectLines – Find the perfect Subject Lines for your e-mails

SubjectLines – Find the perfect Subject Lines for your e-mails

Your customer’s list is one of the most valuable assets as a company, and e-mail marketing as one of the most cost-effective and easy ways to connect with your customers. However, many emails that get sent to that list never get opened. Why? Because the subject line isn’t compelling enough to open. But what if you could create that perfect subject line every time? Easier said than done, right? Worry not you have help.

Now you can end the cycle of guessing, A/B testing, and tweaking in the first and most important part of your email campaign—the subject line. Start improving your read rate today by using SubjectLines. Some of the great features include:

  • Ability to view deliverability rates from over one million real inboxes.
  • Compare your subject lines with your competitor’s to improve open rates.
  • Get e-mail alerts with the best performing subjects in your industry.
  • Search by subjects, keywords, senders, tags, and markets for more detailed information

The founders of this start-up are the same as OtherInbox, Inc., an Austin-based company that builds technology to automatically organize emails from online shopping and social networking sites.

There are other popular subject line testing tools like one from MailChimp Labs but SubjectLines has some features like saved searches which make it nicer. This is still in the beta phase. Let’s wait and see how this fares in comparison with other competitors. Only I think the contact info should include more than just an address and an email. May be a live feedback or a twitter handle for connecting better.

Do try it out to analyse whether your e-mail subject lines actually initiate recipients to open your newsletters.

Liveblog Pro – Adding a new dimension to live blogging

Liveblog Pro – Adding a new dimension to live blogging

Live blogging is a form of textual reporting of news stream. It mainly centers on any events or activities, and includes any video, or images during the live event. In many ways, it is similar to spot-news reporting, but in this case it is done by individuals to support their blogs. The term “Live” means that the blogger is actually present at the event physically and is sending updates accordingly as the event proceeds.

Initially this was practically impossible task, but with the advancement of technologies and web access, it is now possible to submit blogs as well as images via smartphones. Thus, live blogging has taken a new dimension these days when it comes to staying updated with the latest news that interests us. It is needless to say that; live blogging actually has a wider scope than mere tweets.

Liveblog ProIf you are an aspiring journalist, passionate about live blogging, here is your best opportunity to sharpen and polish your skills via Liveblog Pro. The beta tool is basically a platform for live blogging, started by journalists for the upcoming journalists. Here you have the freedom to cover everything of your choice: from live events, to developing news items, to interviews and a lot more. The best part is that you can customize your version of the device with a host of embedding options to choose from and include your tweets automatically and publish it on the platforms you want.

Liveblog Pro has been exclusively designed to support the upcoming journalists, and hence is tested by journalists of The Guardian, Trinity Mirror, and The Times to ensure that it has everything that the young journalists seek. The three basic features define the tool completely is its simplicity, reliability and a host of exclusive features.

Now there’s certainly a good tool to start publishing your live blogs instantly, add more contributors to cover multiple events, and host interesting discussions.

Feathers – Enjoy the era of blogless writing

Feathers - Enjoy the era of blogless writing

Writing is the most sincere form of expressing your views and thoughts not only because it helps you transform your thinking-process into what could be read by almost everyone but at the same time you’re able to master your writing skills (Practice makes perfect!). The question here is how are your articles, reviews and the like going to reach the desired number of people with you getting your work done without much ado? Blogging is one such way out but it is definitely not the solution especially if you’re not a frequent writer. It is a laborious task that eats up half of your time and requires constant updates on various new posts with your visitors always expecting you to come up with intriguing articles. While you may just want to vent out your thoughts, your readers might find some other article that interests them.

Feathers,  a distraction free writing app for the web that spares you the complications of owning a blog. It has introduced a new era of blogless writing for casual writers who think maintaining a blog is not their ‘cup of tea’. Breaking the traditional blogging customs it allows the users to just sign up using their twitter account and start writing without having to worry about managing the themes, tags, categories and so on.

An easy to use app with an equally simple interface, it is a treat for the writers as it helps them post a direct link to their articles thereby saving a lot of the readers’ time. Just pen down a feather, edit, save it in the drafts or publish it for various readers to read. You can always go back to where you stopped writing as your articles will be saved in the drafts.

Feathers – Enjoy the era of blogless writing

The app is currently in private beta but you can leave your email address and you will be provided with an invite which will further give you an access to the site. Once you receive the invite, all you have to do is sign in with your twitter account to start writing.

Apart from a hassle-free writing experience, Feathers helps you showcase your work and share inspiring articles which can be read on every device. What are you waiting for? Go feather an article for a delightful writing journey!

The Startup Hacks – Strategies and implementation

The Startup Hacks – Strategies and implementation

After exploring more than hundreds of startups across the world, few successful, some who fail badly and most of them disintegrated in the early phase itself, I personally felt an urge to write down few important aspects and strategies that I have learnt so far throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

I would start it with the importance of a team, more precisely the team members. Taking into consideration that you’ve already come up with an idea, which can bring a change in the lives of people – and all you badly think and want is – How to make it happen? The first thing that would usually pop up is to have those few people who can make it happen – An idea into a real product.

However, the real pain comes when you actually need to hunt those people and bring them together, without wasting too much of energy and money (of course). Most of them, either ship the codes, designing and other processes to others by PAYING THEM. But, believe me, unlike you these people are rather more focused on finishing the jobs (and getting paid), rather than putting in the real values and the efforts into the project. So, how to tackle this issue?

The good fact: There are millions of people who have the skills you’re hunting for. The not-so-good fact: These people are scattered across the various parts of this planet. Sounds crazy! But yeah, this is not a mission-impossible to make it work.

Now, this is what you have to start initially with:

Make a blueprint: Open the MS-Word, and start writing down your idea in a structured format. Like starting with: The startup’s name as title, the problem you’re trying to solve, the outcome on how will it bring a change in the lives of people, the skills that will make this project happen and lastly why people should be a part of this project (the benefits they will get).

Circulate the blueprint: Firstly, you need not be a marketing guy to do this. And as a matter of fact, I don’t believe in something when they say “Hey, I’m an expert at marketing.” Primarily, these are the same people just like you (in fact most of them with less brains), but with pretty good speaking skills. In order to circulate the blueprint, start your search from Google. Hunt down the contact details of the colleges, institutes and other bodies who align with the market of your startup idea. Talk to them over the phone (one-by-one with ample of breaks), introduce a part of your project and tell them (confidently) – you’re looking for giving an opportunity to students who have those required skills. Sometimes, you may even need to get down, personally meeting few of these people and explaining them what you’re working on. (Remember, you ain’t wasting your time – you’re simply spreading the word about your project).

Few tips to circulate the project can be:

[1] Sharing it on Facebook groups and other social networks.

[2] Sharing it over the emails (with your introduction).

[3] Talking to bloggers (the ones who’re connected to a good number of readers).

[4] Sticking the blueprints on the Bulletin boards of the colleges to grab the attention of the young folks.

Note: Always remember, if your startup idea is an online product, make sure you already own the brand assets (like logo, domain names, etc)

Grouping people: Maybe not early, but you’ll start getting less or even a great response from the people who read your blueprint somewhere. Make sure, you attend every call and answer every email. Ask them the value they would put into the project. On the same grounds, also do a real check of the skills of that individual (like: asking for the portfolio, articles, projects done so far, etc).

Few tips on how to manage the people efficiently:

[1] Assign a job to someone to simply do a crosscheck of the portfolio’s and works of the applying candidates.

[2] Make a private Facebook group, where you add the all the people, who will be a part of this startup.

[3] Inspiration is a key to success. People tend to work hard initially, but in the later phase, when the outcomes don’t seem to be quite good, make sure you fuel up their motivation, and show – We’re going to make it happen.

Assigning work: Every single member of this project has to be assigned a particular work or a job. Be it a few calls a day, the promotion, managing the twitter account, or the development work of the portal, you have to keep a record and track of the progress. This is the key process, and you’ll be surprised that your project is already in its development stage from an idea to a real product.

After following these same steps over and over, you’ll realize, it’s not just you but everyone who is learning and bringing a value to the startup. And who knows, this can be a next million dollar venture. Everything starts from you – the idea, the inspiration, the word, the people and the reality. Just keep believing and start working.

SellanApp – Do you have a great App Idea, but don’t want to hire or become a developer

SellanApp – Do you have a great App Idea, but don’t want to hire or become a developer

Aren’t we all fascinated and intrigued by new apps that keep hitting the App Store every now and then? Most of them work wonders for us while others fail to make an impression. At the end of the day it all boils down to the Idea of making an App. Wouldn’t it be a great deal if your app idea is featured on the App store? If you have a good idea then, SellanApp, a crowd funding platform for iOS apps, will help you turn your App idea into an App store reality.

A one of a kind App, which through crowd funding matches App ideas with real developers. SellanApp connects innovative App ideas with developers worldwide whereby the app loving community of potential users fund the development. The pledgers, pledge funds on the App idea that interests them the most in order to get them developed by the developer. Rewards are given by the producer to the pledger which is a share in the revenue the App will generate or both. During the funding period the total amount pledged grows. The developers, can then select the App ideas which they want to develop against the total amount pledged.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

SellanApp will then submit and maintain the developed App in the App Store and the revenue earned will be directed to the producers and pledgers (Pro-rata their pledge). The pledgers are then charged based on an ‘All or Nothing funding’ only after the App idea is selected by the developer. With the help of an advanced and free iPad App offered by SellanApp, you can easily create playable mockups which can further be uploaded and shared on the web platform.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

Design and edit your App, make some last touches (Don’t forget to think out of the box!) and begin crowd funding. Showcase your app, enthuse and excite the people by creating word of mouth about the idea behind your App, thereby raising money to attract international developers to develop your app with the money pledged at that point of time.

Founded by Aernoud Dekker, SellanApp aims at simplifying the whole experience by investing in getting the platform stable and supporting other platforms like Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile.

Pitch in your App ideas without having to worry about funds, resources or market access because SellanApp will help you transform just a simple idea into an effective yet efficient mobile App.

Gimme Bar – Create your unique collection of texts, images or video candidly

Gimme Bar – Create your unique collection of texts, images or video candidly

Can you tell exactly how many bookmarks you have got in your browser? Or how many of those bookmarks have you used recently? Research tells us that the more you use internet, the more and more you tend to collect bookmarks in your browser. The fact is that the large list of bookmarks clutter up the browsers, and gives rise to a host of time-consuming issues. If you are wondering about how to get rid of this problem which has been bothering you for long, here is Gimme Bar, an app to storing your valuable data.

Typically, there are about hundreds of apps designed for Android and iOS to organize the bookmarks for your browser. With the availability of so many apps, the demands of internet consumers has also been varying. Nowadays, we find that with organizing the bookmarks, the synchronization of them is also vitally important. And this is where, Gimme Bar helps you to collect all the valuable data be it text, image or video from the web and save it candidly under one single roof.

Rather than just keeping the bookmarks; it stores them in your personal library over the cloud.

Storing tons of bookmarks in our browser is not an issue anymore. The problem is to find them instantly when you actually need it. The beta app brings in a quick solution to this by giving you the freedom to store the content both with and without the original link. You can extract the exact snippet, by pulling it into the Gimme Bar box which appears at the bottom of the page. All you need to do next is to add a description, and plug into your collection from where you can access it anytime.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

Once you have created your own archive, it is very easy to access. The items are arranged in a chronological order, and making it convenient to share them via social networks. Additionally, it also allows the users to take a back-up of anything under the sun, (except the videos) to their Dropbox account.

Now, there’s certainly a good and hassle-free way to pile up your collection of bookmarks and manage them easily. – Make your CV stand out – Make your CV stand out

Every job enthusiast has an Achilles’ heel – the CV. Traditional resume, has been in need of sincere make over for a long time now. First impression may or may not leave a lasting impression but a CV that stands out does make ‘that’ difference, which will land you the job of your dreams.

There is crazy competition, when it comes to placements. With so many institutions and so many qualified personnel in the market there is but little scope for risks. has come up with a very innovative form of resume compilation to break away from the stereotype of boring, lengthy text CV’s.

The free-to-use online tool that brings to you a very cool, colorful and visually appealing mode of CV creation.  It is a platform that enables you to express your professional proficiency with simplicity yet making it compelling.

With a wide range of styles and themes, subject to your modifications and customization’s  from fonts, colors and backgrounds, your CV surely stands out for the quality and a first impression. - Kenneth Lee's Resume also has a very funky store that sells cool customized t-shirts at very reasonable prices.

You can share your on social networks or print it as an Adobe file, with an option to integrate it on your website as well. The dashboard has an integrated statistics information for tracking the views on your CV.

Incubated by Digital Media Zone, the Toronto based startup has already bagged few prominent awards.

So are you applying for a job? Get a visualized CV with that will make your application stand out in the crowd.

Wardrobe Seven – Redefining wardrobes, the formal way

Wardrobe Seven – Redefining wardrobes, the formal way

Attire can play a very tricky role when preparing for an interview. The first impression may not be the last but it definitely leaves a lasting effect. To this effect, one’s wardrobe has to be carefully and precisely customized, which is nothing less than a hassle for teens effusing with enthusiasm. Thus, comes to our rescue Wardrobe Seven.

Wardrobe Seven is the upcoming, digital and sophisticated wardrobe of the new age professionals. With myriad online shopping portals popping up, offering goods and confusing customers, it is very difficult to wade through the maze of shoes, sneakers, casuals and formals. Wardrobe Seven is an attempt to improve the online shopping experience totally. Smooth interface, easy delivery, quick check out more than sums ups this platform.

Wardrobe Seven

Wardrobe Seven is an intuitive portal which works on developing a sensible clothing statement for you in a few easy clicks. The anxiety of an interview is exponentially reduced when it has the support of a very confident outfit.

An expanse collection of formal shirts for men – Wardrobe Seven is taking the shopping town by storm. A clutter free ambiance provides cool resolution and solution to formal fashion faux pas.

Wardrobe Seven’s very own label John Core tops when it comes to quality and affordability. The website is the latest ‘one-stop’ for all fresh recruits who are organizing their wardrobes. The free shipping and cash on delivery facilities are icing on the cake.

Got a call for an interview? Perplexed about your attire? Visit Wardrobe Seven for executive formals.

TypeForm – Building the next generation online forms

TypeForm – Building the next generation online forms

Be it a launch of a product, a new website, a mobile app, or may be a song, a book or a movie; anything and everything needs a feedback to judge its success, and this feedback is collected by conducting surveys and feedback forms. Nowadays, every now and then we get phone calls, messages and emails, to complete surveys regarding something or the other. Entrepreneurs today believe in consumer satisfaction and keep it as their main agenda. You not only need to know about your clients but also how you are going to keep them intact and gain more customers without losing the old ones.

But one should know that people easily get annoyed with such feedback forms and surveys; so you better keep your forms interactive and engaging. Plus one should never forget that their forms reflect the organization behind it. Although people are using many online services to generate forms and surveys, but that hitch is still lacking. We already have popular web tools like – GoogleDocs, SurveyMonkey and MailChimp in the market, but aren’t we still missing the ultimate tool, that could engage people like never before.

To bring revolution in the form building market, there is this upcoming startup from Barcelona called “TypeForm” – which has played pretty well in bringing together design, rich media & new technologies to improve the user experience of online forms. It helps you to make your forms and surveys so interesting and fun to experience that your customers would surely change their mind-set of filling “boring forms” and completing “dull surveys”. “TypeForms re-invents the forms because answering questions online doesn’t have to be boring.” says the co-founder David Okuniev.


Beautiful templates, mesmerizing themes and easy to use platform, makes this startup really appealing. To add five stars to your form, TypeForm has a super amazing feature which is yet to be revealed; it is the only service platform that can create forms which can automatically adapt to usability of any device – android, tablet, computer or anything other device.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″][/youtube]

Personally speaking, I see a lot of potential in Typeform, and I’m sure they will bring a revolutionary change in the concept of form building and conducting surveys. The market is soon going to heat up with new competitors. TypeForm is still in beta process, so lets see what they coming with.

NimbusBase – Store data for your apps on your user’s own cloud storage

NimbusBase – Store data for your apps on your user’s own cloud storage

With the demand for mobile applications increasing everyday, application developers are looking for newer ways to accelerate the development process. Even after development, considerable amount of time and energy is spent in data maintenance, security and worrying about scalability as users increase. NimbusBase hopes to make life simpler for you by taking away the problems of scaling, server management, and user privacy, radically changing how application back-ends are built.

NimbusBase helps you store data for your apps on your user’s own cloud storage. With this, you shift the burden of scaling from developer to larger companies that are experienced and technologically – better equipped. This in turn, shifts the control of the data back to the user thus alleviating security concerns on user data. Also, you don’t have to do any tail work as data server setup. By cutting the server out of the process, product creation becomes easier, saves server cost and precious time for developers and designers.

Currently, the product runs on HTML5 and Dropbox. Nimbusbase has also integrated Backbone.js so that you can easily convert any Backbone apps to be on top of NimbusBase. Building using HTML 5 ensures your data is accessible on all the devices, a user owns.


NimbusBase does not host anything. It is not an application or web server. What NimbusBase does is, it allows you to store a user’s private data from a HTML5/JS environment. Most of the time, this means you need to already have a way of hosting a static html page.

The online tool today supports a lot of use cases, especially for developers who want to develop apps that works across devices:

  • Saving progress data for single player games.
  • Personal productivity apps. Like Evernote, Clear, or Wunderlist.
  • Apps where data privacy is important. Such as medical history or diary apps.
  • Offline+online apps. We are one of the few data syncing engine that works offline and then syncs data online.
  • In its Beta, NimbusBase was started by Ray Wang, the tech brain and Alex Volodarsky, the biz pro. Currently, they support private data storage and hope to include public data and private shared data for the apps very soon. They also plan to work on integrating with more backends so any type of apps can be built on top of NimbusBase.

The comprehensive learning material on their site makes it easy for anyone to get started. If you are an app developer, head over right now to check it out.

Weekend Ventures – A 54 hours journey of starting up

Weekend Ventures – A 54 hours journey of starting up

Are you sure your concept is hitting the right people? We mostly think of the usual motivators when trying to get more people to join our team. Have you considered your audience real motivators? What can you do about it?

As I and my team recently attended the Weekend Ventures event, there has been a chain of multiple ideas catching up my mind. Last few days were simply as thrilling as being a part of the movie ‘Die Hard 4’, which kept me going and realizing that India has a real-real potential for the startups.

I was amazed at the atmosphere going on all weekend. Amazed at all the beautifully designed products that came out of only 54 hours. Amazed at the fact that, apparently, I wasn’t the only person in the world walking around with weird ideas. And most importantly: I was amazed to be doing something that I was really passionate about, rather than just passing the day to make a buck.

At Weekend Ventures | Mumbai

To summarize, there were about thirty participants, all hailing from a different background but with the same approach – I want to start-up.

The Knowing-part

The first day initiated with the participant’s introduction, and listing up the ideas from every individual. Right from educational concepts to travel pitches, all came on-board from these creative minds.

The Knowing-part | Weekend Ventures

The Voting

During the next few hours, Eight teams were formed with an average size of about 3-4 people per group. To say this was stretching it a bit is an understatement, as teams were completely built on the ideas that were voted by all the participants.

The Voting

The Playce and Coffees

Two serious elements that turned this event a success was The Playce and the coffees. The Playce, is primarily a startup itself which provides workbenches for startups and ‘ignited-minds’, who like to stay-away from distractions. The entire carpet area is structured so well, that about anyone can conduct their events and seminars with a good bunch of accessories. Additionally, coffees were a part “something worth trying out” here. Personally, I had about sixteen cups #BelieveMe

Building Stuff

The next day, everyone had already started working on their ideas to build prototypes. Though, the number of designers and developers were few, almost all ended up bringing the best of the presentable prototypes.

The Mentors

Since it was like everyone had these dozens of things going out in-their-heads, the mentors were already at rescue to bring a personal value addition to the teams and show them a direction to “achieve more with less”

The Mentors talk - Weekend Ventures

The Pitching

The moment of judgment started off with pitching the ideas along with their prototypes, to the two investors. This was a major milestone for all the teams, as it was the time when they received valuable feedbacks from the people who would put their money into their startups.

The Pitching

Those are some of the important lessons everyone learned over the past 54 hours. When asked to one of the participants about the whole experience, he added “I’m still the fool I once was, but I believe I’ve become somewhat less foolish every day since. One of the biggest breakthroughs for me came very quickly: to let go of what the outside world thought and start working on my idea. Thankyou WV and Startcup for bringing in this great event in Mumbai.”

What other’s are saying?

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Float – Scheduling and Organizing gets easy

Float – Scheduling and Organizing gets easy

‘Success and excuses do not walk together.’ In order to achieve great heights you need to make sure that all the problems, difficulties, errors are sidelined. It’s easy to create a team but to manage each of the team-mates according to their schedule isn’t simple. ‘Scheduling done right’ can clear ways to many opportunities and help perform the best.

Running agencies, studios, and firms becomes a bit more fluid when you can assign all your members the tasks according to their skill at one time, at one place. FLOAT is useful in this context. It helps you to schedule the time and work for each team member for a particular time period, thus reducing the daily work tasks. This also helps to concentrate on company goals better and not spend time everyday on setting agendas.

This web-app keeps many plans available for us as per our needs with minimal charges so that it’s pocket-friendly for the users together with a 30 days free trial. Float has a special name to address the members of the schedule i.e. ‘Admins.’ The account owner, who creates the account can transfer the responsibility of assignment to ‘Super Admin’ or other admins whenever necessary.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

Additionally, it has an option named ‘task’ on the schedule list which gives you a clear picture of all the projects given to each admin at one glance. To make it more flexible Float allows you to reassign the task or update your schedule as per your work demands. The weekly schedule can be mailed to the members by choosing a simple ‘send team members schedules’ making it easier for the team-mates to make plans. There’s a time limit of eight hours for each admin which can be increased if needed, this will be notified by a red line showing the overtime hours.

Not just work or tasks but holidays and ‘personal time off’ can be assigned here too! That’ll be a sigh of relief for the members (I know).

#Enjoy scheduling! – A digital showroom for fashion designers – A digital showroom for fashion designers

Fashion industry is magnanimous. Everybody wishes to be the cynosure at one time or another. This interlink creates stupendous designers. Designers have a niche. Not all make it to the top but those who do have to be different in their approach and style. has come up with classic concept of specialized v-cards for designers that can be linked through and sent via all mailing systems. is a digital showroom, where fabulous visuals make a particular v-card an eye-candy. Designers have to build their recall value in the market and eyeconic graphics are the ultimate option. The online tool is open to use, after confirmation of signup.

The free app is a creative venture to help designers market themselves in a distinct way, creating individuality and more scope for development of their labels and brands. It is an opportunity to reach a wider network of clientele at a close and personal level which increases focus on the most exquisite details of garment buildup, trends, molds or fabric and other details that the designer would want to share.

Each v-card is further personalized with easily available URL’s which increases interaction between designers to review creations of fellow competitors or between the designer and potential clients.

The resolution of the entire module remains high through and through bringing out the magnificence of the cut and crops, sequins and threads, not missing out on even the minutest details.

If you are looking for a new approach for networking with your clients can help you with its large variance of social plugins.

#Happy Desigining

First day experience at Weekend Ventures, Mumbai

First day experience at Weekend Ventures, Mumbai

Weekend Ventures is a 54 hours weekend event for aspiring entrepreneurs, designers & developers to share ideas, form teams, build prototypes/ services & launch startup! Check out more about the venture here.

This year the weekend ventures, Mumbai was held at a very cool startup campus called The Playce. The event started in the evening of 25th of January 2013.  The first day was all about sharing your ideas and forming teams. There were close to 20 participant teams,who were given a time of 60 seconds to pitch their idea to the gathering. Then there was a time slot of 30 minutes given for interaction and voting. During this time the participants interacted with the people personally and answered queries, at the end of which people voted for the ideas on which they would like to work on during the event.

There were some great ideas covering a variety of different topics from gaming applications to new age banking. They also showed a video clip which included a very innovative method of pitching so people learnt along while having fun. Rajesh from Weekend Ventures explained the process with interesting examples drawn from his previous experiences.

Weekend Ventures

From the ideas pitched, top six were selected to be launched by the end of the event. The idea – ‘The Weekender’ (booking villas, bungalows at weekend getaways near Mumbai) topped with ten votes. The runner up was a innovative idea of bringing your product to the local customer via localized ads with the newspaper at a much lesser price than your newspaper and a greater reach.

Weekend Ventures - Pitch Deck

Even if your idea did not come in top six you could still go ahead if you could manage at least two more team members to work on your idea. After the announcement of the top voted ideas there was another 45 minutes time slot to decide your team or convince participant to work on your ideas.

The next day will see the participants building up a prototype of their idea with the chance to interact with the mentors. The first day ended on a very satisfactory note and built up great expectations for day two.

Uplaude – Start awarding your visitors and generate traffic on your website effectively

Uplaude – Start awarding your visitors and generate traffic on your website effectively

Money is probably the most vital reason when people resort to internet marketing. Majority of people across the globe choose to pay someone, for driving traffic in their web pages or they do it themselves by investing hours! In case you have just started your journey, you may find yourself running short of funds for traffic generation. Here is the best means of generating traffic in your website and developing your online marketing campaign with Uplaude.

Uplaude is an online platform which enables website owners and bloggers to add on achievements to their web page in a moment. Initially, the owners of Uplaude had a plan of developing this platform as a place, where people could offer awards to people for their achievements, but due to the diverse set of reactions from the first set of users, the site is modified accordingly. The owners of the websites, can now award the visitors along with the ad supported promotions to unlock the achievements.

You can now create an achievement by following a few simple steps, and allow the visitors to earn it simply by clicking or sharing the links. This way you can also pull back the potential customers in your website through Twitter or Facebook utilizing Uplaude effectively. All you need to do is to specify what the visitors need to do (viewing a web page, or multiple pages) in order to grab this achievement.

Uplaude - Bringing achievements to every site

Once a visitor grabs an achievement, it can appear readily on your Facebook or Twitter wall if you want to share the news with the subscribers of these social networking sites and the widgets make it all the more easy to showcase all the achievements that people earned recently on your website to make it more appealing for a viewer. Lastly, you can also track the point leaders of your website in the last 30 days and stay updated about the visitors of your web page via Uplaude.

Isn’t it the most effective method to drive traffic and arrest the gaze of the unique visitors in your web page? Try out Uplaude today and boost up your marketing campaign effectively.

Woolor – A collection of Indian web-based companies

Woolor – A collection of Indian web-based companies

Google has become a religion for internet users where every query is solved by searching for it online, and if you don’t know the answer, Google it! Be it buying movie tickets, shopping online, applying for jobs and most importantly hunting for services that are not only efficient but also cater to the requirements of the user. We all want to try the best, but the moment we hit that search button, we are flooded with several alternatives. Checking each and every platform one by one is quite time-consuming as well as a complex method.

Woolor, a new online directory for Indian websites, is so far a good initiative for all this mess. Better described by the founder, “Woolor is a start-up which aims to organize Indian web based companies in a structured manner making the information freely accessible and useful.”

Woolor - Collection of Indian Websites

The online app is simple to follow and presented in a very orderly manner. Integrated into various sections, depending on the category the website is catering to, Woolor makes it easier for the users to find out exactly what they are looking for in a fraction of seconds.

Lately, due to the impulsive growth in the Indian startups and especially the online businesses, an online business directory (with good tweaks) is certainly a niche worth targeting. Right from YourStory Pages to Startuppo, and many others in between – what matters more is the ability to deliver the maximum content about the company’s background with the extra chunks about the attached networks.

Currently, the community is moderated by a support team, to keep a regular check on the updated information and the companies waiting in the queue. We wish the team all the best for its future endeavors.

CircleMe – An innovative social way to collect things you love and discover new ones

CircleMe – An innovative social way to collect things you love and discover new ones

Facebook helps you know more about your friends, similarly how would you find a tool that will specifically keep track of myriad world of yours and likes of those close to you. Life is eventful and fun when it is engaging and quirky.

CircleMe is an innovative social tool to sum up all your likes -things that makes you roll over with laughter or that deserves a clap. Cool innovations will never cease to surprise, so add on to your list of likes, while discovering new ones along the way through smart serendipity.

[vimeo width=”602″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

Additionally, the platform helps you connect to like-minded and stay updated about changes in trends, share news, trade curated recommendations, track conversations and develop plans with their social circles.

The online app lets you import your favourites from other services and social networks. You can keep updating and re-organizing your library, adding and removing items as you wish, thus building an elegant collection of envy.


You can be in the circle of CircleMe in three ‘ quick-start’ steps; the first being your formal introduction to the mechanisms of CircleMe.  The second step take you closer where iconic visuals helps you prepare your to-do list and import data. The last is what I loved essentially. Adding my friends! You can add as many people you wish – people whom you want to discover and share more with.

The startup’s motto stands as ‘be what you like’. The concept is based on a very beautiful thought on which the team works.  The team says “Relationships between people change with time and they are also modulated by things we have in common”.

Did you check out Facebook Perfume? Spray Up, It’s new and refreshing anyone can use

Facebook Perfume

If, as the old expression goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then the top brass at brands such as Nike, Sony and Microsoft must be blushing like crazy. Approximately seven percent of world trade is in counterfeit goods, according to The International Chamber of Commerce and 40% of brands counterfeited are composed of a list of only 25 brands. That’s $350billion a year that could be funnelled through legitimate channels and into the hands of companies that invest in their development and promotion.

That counterfeiting is a criminal activity that can have tragic consequences is not in dispute. What is in dispute, however, is that counterfeiting is not always damaging to brands and can actually be leveraged to a brand’s advantage. Counterfeiting can give brands access to new markets and be a benchmark of a brand’s health. It can increase a brand’s awareness such that when the economic climate of a country or an individual’s improves, sales migrate from counterfeit to original. And it can also compel the authentic brand owner to protect, innovate and expand its products, services and markets to keep ahead of its imitators and squeeze out the competition.

Taking a look at Indian scenario, I still recollect that during my school days, we were passing by our local market when we heard someone shouting Shaktimaan papad le lo! (For the uninitiated, Shaktimaan is a Indian superhero and the person was selling papad using Shakimaan’s name). I laughed my heart out at the idea. Whether you like to call it a marketing genius or a cheap imitation is up to you.

Now we have moved on to a new era where the focus has moved on from Superheros and Television to Internet and the web giants like Google and Facebook. And we already know of people cashing on the popularity with Google Pani Puri centre and Facebook restaurant. But if you think this happens only at the street-side vendors, think again. Yes now you can buy such items at your nearby store just like a mall, well almost like a mall. Ladies and Gentleman, Here we present Facebook Perfume:

Facebook Perfume

As the tagline says “Fragrance helps you to be impressive & refreshing to sizzle people in your life”, Do let us know what are you thoughts about this new product. Will it help people connect better?