Artsy – A personalized WordPress editor

Artsy – A personalized WordPress editor

Blogging has become GenXs’ new communication mantra. WordPress has become the new Facebook for bloggers. WordPress has revolutionized the blogging process with cooler formatting and editing tools. But then there is always a scope for better options, and in the world of publication may it be online or print, editing tools have more than often been revamped.

Artsy Editor is an advanced (to be duly noted) full-screen WordPress editor. It provides faster ways to format your text, run by and add links, upload incredible media and yes scale images instantly without the efforts of grinding your head in constantly ‘popping ‘dialogue boxes.

Artsy Editor

Fits perfectly for bloggers and WordPress developers, could be a tagline very apt for Artsy. Why, you may ask I say so. It is because the appearance relaxes your eyes with minimum elements placed on your screen. Super easy, drag and drop image insertion. This spares you the hard hours of opening the image location 10x, if you wish to have 10 images. Traditional overlay in terms of images and links have been discarded. The format box is positioned right below the cursor and disappears like magic when not in need. Artsy has an option of becoming default too. Apart from awesome keyboard shortcuts it has selective word and character count as well has higher security sensationalization with quicker auto drafting.

Another incredible aspect of the app is – You can see the image dimensions when you are scaling. That’s relieving right!!

The online tool can be used for free, as long as you wish or you can even own your very own editor at very nominal prices. Another perk is – It is not a recurring fee. You can have your personalized Artsby editor which can be applicable to unlimited sites (depending on the plan you choose), by just paying ONCE.