Flooved – Lets you share and collaborate as you study

Flooved – Lets you share and collaborate as you study

With the ticking of clock, exam approaches. With approaching exam the heartbeat of every student skips a beat. It is the time before exams, when the actual enormity of the syllabus dawns. Preparations and revisions are to be launched on full scale but the notes are missing since lectures were bunked for movies and long drives.

Flooved is a free online education portal which provides free content, strictly according to your syllabus. It is a tedious task – trying to locate relevant content online from among so many available options. But with Flooved learning has become fun, quick and easy.

After a quick sign up, you are introduced to a vast collection of academically evaluated journals, lecture notes and past exam papers. You can share annotations and ask questions; pepping up the study environment and giving the virtual learning experience a competitive edge.


It is difficult to have in possession all the books that a strong academic course demands. Flooved caters to expensive texts and provides them at very nominal pricing in the form of monthly subscriptions.

Notes from world’s top professors and top institutions are ready on your fingertips. You can bookmark the information so that you do not lose the stream of an intellectual read.

This is not it. The chapter link technology lets you read all connected data by auto-linking. You can know what your friends are reading and even get updates from teachers. That’s cool right!!

Good notes boost confidence, which in turn boosts marks. So, are you ready for good marks?