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A sprinkle of mustard seeds, add some cumin and cloves and lo! Behold, most of the homemade dishes are ready to be served. But isn’t that what everyone does? The privilege to know what to do differently with the same spices and conjure, the most marvelous of dishes is a feat in itself. For this you do not need a giant recipe list rather an internet connection would suffice, because UseTheFood is here to assist you do something different.

You were preparing some whipped cream mousse for a kitty party in the evening, but you realize to your dismay that you added salt for sugar in your whisked eggs. Do not panic, UseTheFood provides you with ways that can work magic on your spoiled mousse batter and you can end up making a velvet pancake with molten chocolate.

UseTheFood is a free to use online tool, without signup cliches yet an available option if you choose to, which reduces food wastage incredibly, at the same time allowing you to share your ‘batter-spices-and-essence’. The online app has a very systematic search option which creates scrumptious dishes from regular ingredients, by looking it up, in a zap.

UseTheFood - Homepage

The free app has not only delicious visuals but also a rather intriguing blog, which emphasizes on the usage of food or what’s left of it, very true to the what the site has been christened.

UseTheFood is open to public and works its charms for our fellow foodies, who can share their awesome-touch online and get the chance to invite their friends. More recipes can be found at CookDen, another startup by fellow foodies, for foodies very much like you and me.

Lets slurp some coffee with great relish – #BonAppetite