Coworks – Helps you find not the best freelancers, but the right ones

Coworks – Helps you find not the best freelancers, but the right ones

Are you hunting for trustworthy and skilled freelancers? One in every ten person in today’s global workforce is a freelancer. Who would be more trustworthy than someone your friends already know and trusts. I recently stumbled upon an online platform that could get any creative job done by great freelancers (recommended by your friends).

Coworks, a Swedish startup, allows you to quickly access the freelancers suggested by the community. It gives a seamless feel of online collaboration and virtual meetings to get your job done, and also provides you with the option of hassle free online payment. Additionally, it fast-tracks your search time to find that perfect freelancer who can get things done. If you are looking for a credible freelancer then Coworks is the platform you must check out. This online app is not only perfect for the people searching for dependable freelancers but also the freelancers who are hunting for the jobs.

Looking at the core working style of a freelancer, it’s all about one’s personality (the skill sets) and quality (things to be delivered). And with Coworks, you get a chance to show your personality and skills by building a profile (with portfolios and skill sets), for both the freelancers and the clients. At the center of this vertical, the platform has built a promotional tool which gives freelancers great collateral space which they can utilize to build their network. It does not charge commission but provides membership plans for the clients.

Coworks Find Freelance Jobs Online - Find & Hire a recommended Freelancer Today!

There are two pricing plans provided to the clients. The Premium plan costs the clients $69 per month for unlimited jobs with no commission charged. Whereas the Standard plan is free to the clients with a limit of 5 jobs per month and 8% commission charged. Similarly, two plans are provided to the freelancers as well. The professional plan includes $49 per month with unlimited job proposals and weekly payout and zero percent commission. Whereas, the standard pricing plan provides the freelancers with 5 jobs, 10 proposals and a scheme of monthly payout with zero percent commission.

So, if you’re hunting for skilled freelancers – there is no need to search and wait for a reliable team member. Try out Coworks and build your team with dependable and talented freelancers.

WIP Videos – The ultimate filmmaking is here

WIP Videos – The ultimate filmmaking is here

With the advent of video streaming  new possibilities and opportunities have opened up in the field of online marketing and film making. People tend to watch videos online for entertainment, as well as for gaining information. Today video streaming forms an indispensable part of the online activities all across the globe. While creating a video, all you need to do is to keep in mind two things: the quality (in terms of sound and pixel) of the video, and whether the video actually serves the purpose rightly. Be it a personal or professional video, the major part of satisfaction comes when you upload and “share” it with your friends to get the feedback.

Watching videos are always fun and more convenient than reading long boring articles. It is gaining a widespread popularity, as it is more engaging and can be widely used everywhere. If you are a budding film-maker, looking for an opportunity to connect with people, and share your video portfolio or creative videos and gather their valuable opinions and comments, WIP Videos is the best possible option for you.

WIP videos a new way to share and review work-in-progress videos

The innovative cloud platform was brought by the eminent filmmaker Rollo Wenlock, who found himself defeated by the heap of emails when he tried to collaborate with his clients. Thus, WIP is designed to assist the upcoming filmmakers to manage their workflow and client feedbacks in a much smarter way: Upload your work-in-progress video in WIP, invite your collaborators privately for feedback, and avail the reviews directly on the video. Isn’t it simple?

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”350″][/vimeo]

Well, WIP Videos is trying to make your job all the more simple by removing the major part of the admin and IT support functions, so that you can focus more in your project. They are planning next to introduce the scheduler and the options to upload reference images, videos and sound bites, to boost up your experience with clients all the more.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today or simply login using your Facebook or Google account and try out the innovative app that will improve your experience of filmmaking significantly.