PeopleRooms – Online chatting turns more social and productive


Our life is a series of transitions taking place either in office, classroom, at a club or in our homes. It becomes very important to keep ourselves connected to friends and family, staying updated and sharing all those precious events taking place with our loved ones. Have you ever considered being a part of a virtual room where you can communicate and share stuff online just as you do in real life? PeopleRooms is one such platform that helps you integrate your online social life with your social networks (Facebook and Twitter) into virtual rooms. Here’s how it works.

PeopleRooms allows you to create a number of virtual rooms where you can chat, communicate with your friends, share files, pictures, photo albums and meet new people at one-stop. To start, you can either create public or private rooms making conversations open or stay purely confidential.

Here are the few key features you might want to know:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Conference
  • Room Notes (like statuses)
  • Pin Notes (updates for members)
  • Customization of your news feed with different styles.
  • Integration of webpages in the room.
  • Create a Help center (Support forum for your clients and users)


Founded by Mariano Vicario, the startup is in public beta with many developments on its way, including a mobile app for enhanced socialization and a room sync feature for synchronizing the files shared in the rooms with your computer.

Currently the product is absolutely free to use – so give it a shot and share your thoughts.