FeedGrabbr – Display stories from any RSS feeds on your website


Are you fed up of hunting different sites every day for info? Does your mailbox get cluttered everyday with messages from various sites? Do you want the latest feeds from all the blogs you follow, but without too many mails in your inbox? Then I would say, “FeedGrabbr is the solution for you”.

How does the idea of having served up on a platter sound. If I can guess right, the option is very appealing. The idea of having news from all over Internet, without going all ballistic seems to be serving my purpose. FeedGrabbr is a site that has come up with a widget that can be a part of your site, and deliver, to you, all the info you wanted.

But sometimes having an external widget on one’s site might worry. It would worry me, until, I got to trendify it and make it a part of my page. What interests me at FeedGrabbr is that I can customize the app intensifying the content value of my page. The procedure is simple and it tailors the app to exact – what I want.

The sign up is quick and easy to roll onto a two step process that makes the layout and appearance of the widget cool. But the surprising element that I found at FeedGrabbr was that they even give an option for removing their branding!!

Other things that make it a definite try out are zero maintenance, its WordPress compatibility and the usage being free. No ‘branding’, no ‘cost’. Not much of hassle to make your website more content-oriented. So if you own a website and want to publish breaking news about stuff that matters to your users, give FeedGrabbr a spin.

SyndiFeed – An easy way to stay updated with your favorite sites

SyndiFeed [1]

There is so much content on the World Wide Web and not many ways to efficiently consume it. You need a simple and easy way of reading the latest updates from your favorite sites and blogs, sharing them and may be even book marking them for later reading. That simple and easy way to keep up with all your favorite sites in one place is brought by SyndiFeed.

The SyndiFeed site looks great with a clean interface and is pretty convenient to use. The site also incorporates responsive design. Meaning the site adapts itself for viewing from different devices like desktop, phone and a tablet. Continue reading “SyndiFeed – An easy way to stay updated with your favorite sites”